Saturday, 5 September 2015

When only black will do.

this has been quite a reflective week for me..... I seem to have happened upon blogs and posts that touched me, found poems and phrases on Pinteret that did the same, received lovely e mails , comments and letters from old and new friends too and as a result laughed a lot and smiled too.

I cannot believe we are in Autumn already.  The winds the last few days have already started to blow down some leaves.

I love all the seasons for their uniqueness, how nature tires, sleeps, awakens and springs back , I can,t choose my favourite season, because I find something beautiful in every season.   This morning I awoke quite early and as it was clutter free , sat and had a coffee in the dining room.  Outside we have a high hedgerow which I know is full of different bird nests and this morning it was awash with robins, sparrows and blue tits competiting not only for the bird table but the blackberries that have recently ripened.  I never pick them from here , to be honest there wouldn't,t be enough to make a pie or add to a crumble....there will be plenty on the way to Cwmtydu so I leave the birds to have their own little untouched larder here.  I wish I had no windows in the way so I could of  taken some photos.  I sat there probably for 30 mins just enjoying watching them all having turns at the berries, flicking the seeds and bread about on the bird table.  It was such a nice way to start the day.

Today I had planned to hem some more trousers for Little Man but then realised  I had no more black thread having used it all to load a bobbin. Bother.  It has to be black on black and I seemed to have every colour but black.The nearest shops are either Aberaeron about 12 miles one way or Cardigan 17 the opposite direction.  As I am running low on printer ink I went for Cardigan as I could get both things there.  Husband was out this afternoon watching rugby so the kids and I decided to head off.  We wondered about, the kids had ice cream , we got the cotton and ink and a couple of cards for
birthdays  and I wasn,t tempted by anything else!!!! Little Man  chatted about his birthday at the end
of the month and told me he doesn,t want parties any more he just wants to have some toys and that will be fine.  I didn,t feel sad  he doesn,t want a party, but it does feel strange that my Little Man will soon be 10 and time is flying by far too fast for my liking....... He is making his own choices now and growing and when did that happen?

On Friday I took some photos of Aberaeron , it was quite over caste but is a pretty little town.

It doesn,t have a beach as such but is great for crabbing...
due to all the rock pools.

Yesterday was so chilly,
the wind obviously made it feel colder still
we didn,t hang around 
Just long enough to take some snaps
To share.

See you soon


  1. Lovely harbor pictures. Love that you had quiet time to relax and watch the critters outside.

    1. Thank you Gracie. It was a lovely start to a lovely sort of relaxing day. Xxx

  2. I so miss home. Spent a lot of vacation time in Wales. Midwest USA is beautiful too but sometimes I just yearn for the homeland and the lovely cool temperatures. Love your photos.

    1. Thank you Maureen. Whenever I am on holidays I always get homesick so I do feel for you. I plan to take lots more pictures, hope that will be a good thing for you and not make you more homesick. Take care xxx

  3. I am glad that you could make the best of the need for black cotton shopping and take a little walk too! xx

    1. I love walking and should walk more, I have got rather lazy since moving here, I have been busy in other ways but there really shouldn't,t be any excuse. Soon the other beaches will be open season again and we can cast our net a little wider. Xxx

  4. It is a lovely little town, lovely cafes , gift shops, and a deli hubby is very fond of!!!! And the smell of sea air, I just wish I could bottle it!! Xxx

  5. I haven't actually visited Aberaeron for years, drove past plenty of times though :(! I shall certainly be planning a visit again though xx

  6. Worthy of a visit , it has a little bit of everything .xx