Tuesday, 15 September 2015

It only took 5 years to finish!!!

I am not a knitter really.  I have never knitted a garment or pair of socks. I knit small things, I think I knit slowly and so for me my projects progress very slowly , where I like to see results quickly (says she with still far to many works in progress!!!)

I have this week however finished something.....and it is something I knitted and finished 5 years ago and I know when it was because our lovely Dextie inspired it and I knitted it the winter  of 2010 when he came into our lives.

Finally I dug it out in the great craft room saga and found the buttons which I had especially bought for it and the Dalmatian fabric.

This is what I found.
I decided on the red fabric

Added the wadding
and fabric
Red elastic tabs

Big spotty buttons

and at last my spotty 
dally coffee pot cosy.

And this little lot 
is the last hurdle 
In my craft room saga.

I am so bored of sorting now
I lost my mojo 
To be honest.
Thursday and Friday 
are marked on my planner
"Finish it or else!"

I just want to get on with proper 
crafting now.
I stomp into the annex like
a spoilt, sulking , teenager...
I don't want to tidy and put away 
(I never did like doing my bedroom either)
I just wanna play and have fun!!
I know it is going to worth it
and the fun will soon begin..
Already I have seen the difference .
It is lovely to pretty much have a
home for everything....
and more importantly 
know where everything is.....

I have just over. 2 hours before the kids 
Come home from school.
Where's the annex key???
I could sit and read 
Some magazines but 
No I am going to use the 

See you soon



  1. I know exactly how you feel Maria. I need my shelves putting up in my craft room, but I see I'm going to have to do them myself or I'll never get the rest of my goodies tidied away.
    I'm loving your coffee pot cosy. I love spots xxx

    1. We can do it , like you so close but seems far, mojo re charged , going for it tomorrow.xx

  2. Ha good luck with putting away your craft stuff, I'm tripping over far too much when I'm rummaging for something. Love your finished coffee pot cosy x

    1. Thank you, hot coffee, worth waiting 5 years!!!! Xx

  3. GOOD LUCK xxxx ..and better a finish after 5 years than never at all x

    1. You are so right...I just want it finished so I can get started on your swap sweet Diane!! Xxxx

  4. I hope that the finish it or else works for you! xx

    1. Dear Amy I looked at your beautiful shawl, (now I could never make anything that beautiful) and thought unless you , meaning me, doesn't get sorting you will never get making anything!!! I will get there I am on a mission. Xxx

  5. Come on you can do it!!!
    Hard work now but think how rewarding it will be this weekend when you can finally sit down & do some crafting :)

    1. So funny, getting ready for tomorrow..a bit excited , so close. Thank you honey , love your comments. Xx