Monday, 7 September 2015

He hasn't put his hand in his pocket yet but....

We have had a lovely day here, sun shining...marvellous...typical though now the children are back at school, but after school we strolled down to the little shop for lollies.

Dexter has had a major fall out with yellow ball!!!

He destroys balls like no one's business
So when I saw this very heavy monster
We thought he won't get his
jaws through this one


Somehow he has
I though he was a bit quiet
And he has well and proper
Chewed both handles
the little rascal!!!

And something is not
Right with the old Apple tree
I will have to ask our garden man
What is going on
At least a third of the 
Apples are like this

I don't even know if I 
Can compost them
Obviously not if it is a disease
Such a shame.

On a happy note ..

Now it is amazing what a little bit 
Of sun can do
To change a man's mind 
(and puddings and lots of cake helped too!!!)

When we moved here I said I wanted a smaller garden as I had been utterly fed up trying to keep up with our last one which was 140 feet long , had a sorry excuse of a greenhouse with more cracked panes of glass than good ones, 3 tumble down sheds and a husband who hates every aspect of gardening including mowing!!!!! Over the years I dug out beds which i did love and had quite a good
little veg and fruit patch going too, but as I have on occasions a dodgy neck and back it became a labour of  hardwork and not of love.  Husband was in full agreement too..  I wanted something much more manageable here and the last two years , I have relaxed, and some how rediscovered my mojo for gardening again.
I have  grown what I wanted in tubs but I have missed raspberries, gooseberries and growing cabbages, Brussels etc, something I didn,t think I would but do!!!

So I had a cunning plan and over the last couple of weeks I have buttered my husband up a treat.!! He has had favourite puddings cooked, favourite dinners, seen his house emptied of the last remaining bits of my clutter and the odd last box here and there.  He has enjoyed the few beans , strawberries and raspberries we have had and then mentioned how he missed our home grown proper veg, so not missing a chance I pounced!!!! We have a man that cuts the high hedgerow around our garden and does the jobs neither me or husband feel able or experienced enough to do.  He mended a fence for us
and made quite a super job of I suggested a spot in the garden and said if our man was to create
a raised bed ...and then walked to show him how big and where I would like it , during the winter , it could be ready  for next year.  He scratched his chin a bit, sighed a bit , walked the measurement out , sort of looked like he was seeing if it was facing the right direction (but I,m sure he hadn't a clue really!!!) and he has agreed providing of course that he has absolutely no involvement other than to
Eat what I grow...!!!! I think I can cope with that so just waiting for our man to visit this week and I shall accost him .  I know during winter months he is looking for work so I think he will be interested.   He has a degree in horticulture too so I think I have landed on my feet for getting advice , and you never know husband may agree in time to a flower bed to two?? Won,t push my luck though!!!.

This is the intended space ,
Another view 
Is the one of Dextie 
And yellow ball
The space in the background.

Today upstairs got a thoroughly good declutter and pulled furniture out for a thorough clean.  I felt
really pleased with myself .  I loathe housework , but  with a retired husband, 2 children and a forever molting dally I feel like I am forever treading water  , but today I was a very happy bunny.   I am having a little break from the annex for a few days . Tomorrow I hope to start pot tidying and put in a few spring bulbs and some winter violas and pansies which I adore.!  Fingers crossed the for caste is good again..

                                   See you soon  xxx


  1. Well done you, butter them up and then pounce, I love my raised beds, all three are very small, but enough for me. I also got a lean too green house, loved it so much I got another, which is great and in use summer and winter.

    1. I am quiet excited....bit by bit I will get there and hubby sorts of thinks it was his idea...even better!!!Maria xx

  2. Great move, I shall be watching how you get on with your veg patch, I am sure it will do well, sounds like you have found yourself a good handy man in the garden :-)

    1. He is so knowledgeable and we were so lucky as he came recommended. Looking forward to the beds. Maria xxx

  3. ooh .. hope the plans for the garden work ... I ALWAYS prefer garden work to housework .. or sewing or knitting .... lol x.. well Dexter looks as if he was having FUN with his toy x

    1. Very expensive fun but he is my pupster!! Maria xx

  4. Nothing like having your own vegetable garden, My husband never would eat tomatoes in salads until he grew his own - such a difference and as you say, the flower beds will follow on...maybe....

  5. How fun a new veg patch. I shall look forward to reading about it. My brothers dog is a terrible destroyer of toys where as mine doesn't like them at all!

    1. I can almost taste the veg and fruit again. My pupster is such a love I could within forgive him most things within reason. Maria xx

  6. So now you know, Dexter can destroy any ball he gets! Love the idea of raised beds....

    1. Thank goodness he has the temperment of a pup ..been my shadow all day today..bless him. Maria xx

  7. Very exciting times ahead!!!! A raised bed will be easier to manage too I think because you can fill it with really good soil and you won't have to bend down so much which will help your back and neck! I hope that your garden help man can advise on the apples, such a shame they are not all perfect, but it may well be that they can be composted which will be good. xx

    1. I am so sentimental, I just think I could pick that Apple and if I didn' t need it give it to a neighbour ... The beds will be fun I know...I need some time and well I am a farmer's grand daughter it must be In my blood..another story...Maria xx