Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Forgetting it was Wednesday....

Yesterday was such a bright day
Very chilly though
and this sunset was just so beautiful

The doggy ear cleaning is going well
I think Dextie must be feeling better 
because of it ...this morning
he sat next to me to do it
what a difference a day makes !!!!

My seasons swap is all wrapped 
And I wandered down to the Post Office 
this  afternoon to send it on it's way
And completely forgot
the Post Office and many small shops
close every Wednesday afternoon
here and in the surrounding area.
I have completely lost track of what
day it was!

Will post it tomorrow for sure.

I had a potter in the craft room later
 sorted all my Christmas books ,
magazines and patterns ..
I have magazines going back years...
I never throw those out.
know I have to start
my Christmas making soon. 

I love nothing better than , feet up ,
hot cup of something ,
and browsing through my little collection
of books and patterns . 
gaining inspiration ,
making a list of things to try to make..
Probably next week 
I will have to start making.
This year now everything is sorted I know I 
don,t need a thing..
jingle bells found...Christmas ribbons
and buttons found
fabric and felt all sorted .
Little Miss has sorted her beads out 
to make her little angels
last week too.
I feel quite excited !
I did cut out a few ornaments 
ready for the Christmas 
decoration swap.
Over the next few evenings they will be sewn...
and I hope to get around to 
some Halloween sewing too.
Little Miss 
says she still wants me to put Halloween 
decorations up
this year 
but doesn't  want a party .
noise is a real issue for her at the moment...
she wants things calm and quiet
and well a party 
would just be too much for her right now.
Maybe too a sign she is 
growing up...
Little Man doesn,t care either way,
no doubt we will have a 
Themed tea and then 
popcorn watching Hocus Pocus...

See you soon


  1. Sounds nice, tea and a movie....

  2. Hello dear one! Your photos are simply lovely! There is a certain time in the evening that I love walking out in our yard and looking through te trees because the sun is shining perfectly throught the leaves during that time :)

    Mmmm... tea and a movie sounds wonderful! Hugs to you!

    1. You too honey..evenings getting shorter and colder, the lanes are full of leaves .....I love the colours .xx

  3. you sound so happy! One more day and freedom! And that hideous essay is off tonight.

    1. More importantly are you happy now ..ha ha...have the hols started

  4. Beautiful sunset. I love Hocus Pocus, lovely way to spend an evening xx

    1. I just love those witches..their costumes are fab....

  5. they can always dress up at home and have "quiet" fun there xx

    1. Absolutely..I just love the stripes tights one her..not me!!!!xxx