Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How many sleeps?

Thank you all for your kind comments and wishes on the last couple of posts, Internet connection has
Been sporadic to say the least but I will reply as soon as I can.  I did feel for the stall holders
that need some additional income, it must be hard for them,  I am lucky that I do it for Little Miss and
the fun in making the bits is my reward.  Nice also to see the stash shrinking a little too..ha ha

And so it begins the countdown with this

And the little voices asking how many sleeps, and where they are on the naughty or good list, has Santa planted secret cameras to check what they are up to? and what are they getting??? Questions , questions...

The advent calendars have started and Little Miss is asking when we will decorate?  This weekend looks favourite ......we are going out with a friend and her daughter on Saturday and then I imagine
DH and Little Miss will get the boxes down.

I am sort of excited but need to find my Christmas oomph to really get in the spirit.  I know when memories flood back as each box is opened and the sparkle starts there will be no stopping me!!!
Next week we have our special anniversary and I have been promised a nice lunch overlooking the sea ...looking forward to that.

The Christmas CDs are being played, and the Polar Express was viewed last night by the kids....

Christmas cactus blooming 
and bringing  some colour to 
otherwise grey looking days.

Last year's  bulb waking up.

A few new ornaments too
I shopped around and all
these came in under £15 and 
I know they are nice to 
 display not only at Christmas time
but Autumn too. 

Two swap contents wrapped , just need 
a card and envelope 
and off they go.

See you soon


  1. Not enough sleeps for me! I need more time!!!!! Your cactuses are so pretty aren't they, lovely coloured flowers! xx

  2. have a lovely time with the decorations xx

  3. The next three weeks will crawl by for kids but grown ups will be wishing for it to slow down if not halt :-)

  4. My boys have been dancing to my That's What I Call Christmas CD for the last couple of days! I love having the music on, baking and getting into the spirit. I have to admit that the daily emails from school, when the boys aren't in regualr school from the learning centre until next Monday a bit draining with all the things there are going on so I'm battling on and looking forward to the 18th when they and Hubs have broken up and we can enjoy time together.

  5. We do seem to have lots in common hee too re the 18th....