Sunday, 20 September 2015

A bit of feet up and a gentle stroll now and then.

Thank you for all your lovely comments re the old back, it is holding up and I am taking it easy.  During the exercises I always have to do  for my back yesterday morning , I a felt a clunk in my back. I love that sound and feeling, it usually means what wasn,t where it should be has gone back to where it should be!( hope that makes sense) gently does it for a few days and hopefully I'll be able to avoid the chiropractice option.

Yesterday I had a gentle wander and a few sit downs around Cardigan with Little Miss.  It was a beautiful and dare I say a hot and sunny day!

We treated ourselves to breakfast first, then a couple of shops, another sit down here and there, my Little Miss is a great nurse!  "Take it easy mummy" she would say....and I did !

Cardigan was busy but of course the holiday season is coming to a end , so not too busy.
The castle has recently undergone restoration but we haven,t been yet.  A friend went in August and said she was a little disappointed because there still weren,t things finished so to leave it a while, maybe a spring morning outing?

I took some pics there though while we sat near the river

This display really was beautiful and 
Still going strong
The castle wall is in the background

Dextie and his birthday toy
enjoying  the afternoon sun

and the toy is still in one piece
Must be a record !!

I thought this was a  spring flower  ?

The agenda for today is sewing , more  sewing (!!) 
swap wrapping 
and baby present wrapping , oh a few cards 
and a birthday present 
to wrap too.
At least now I can find my washi tapes haha.
DH is cooking a roast pork dinner, 
the runner beans are still being picked ..
oh , my favourite ... 
apple crumble
for pudding

Happy Days....xx

See you soon


  1. Cardigan is usually busy when I visit, I think that it is a vibrant little town. I have done the riverside walk with Ben many times, always something to look at. The only downside to me is the road to Carmarthen, the Newcastle Emlyn road has been improved greatly but is still not wonderful. I like to go via Star as I have friends there and it is not a good drive. I am planning a trip to Lampeter, hopefully Wednesday, this week. I want to see the exhibition at the quilt museum and as Calico Kate is next door, I may have to have a quick look in there.

  2. I haven't been to Wales for so long (my Grandpa was from Jersey Marine). I keep seeing little snippets of spring and shouting don't you dare, go back inside and come back later :-D A Happy Birthday to Dexter from Tia! Take care x

  3. it looks like you had a much better day than us .. glad you had a good walk x Your dinner sounds wonderful .. my son is cooking mine .. but don't know what until I get there xx ... my goodness that toy is holding up well x

    1. Diane, it was lovely just to rush. Dinner was yummy.xx

  4. The clicking and clunking sounds awful, but hopefully it means good things, yikes! Good to be able to get out for a bit. Have a lovely restful day with your sewing xx

    1. I know it sounds awful, the first time after physio etc for months (had a car crash ..not my fault) when it happened I thought oh no but it was the it feels so much better when it happens.xx

  5. I hope that your back keeps getting better, keep looking after yourself. xx

    1. Thank you...loved your post today...glad you had a lovely break. Xx

  6. Glad your back is getting better, I'm slightly behind on blogs! Mike has been suffering too lately & his has just started to ease. Glad you had a lovely day out with your daughter. It sounds like the pair of you have lots of fun together x

    1. Hope Mike feels better and my Little girl enjoy being out and about doing girly things, ours boys would rather being in on iPads and watching boy things.! With her autism I find time together and lots of giggles and finding and doing fun things helps her share her feelings with me.special