Monday, 21 September 2015

The postmaster isn,t speaking to me again !!! Ha ha

over the weekend as you know I have been resting my back...and I am still amazed at how wonderful you all have been with such lovely comments.... Thank you xx .  as you know I am a novice blogger, but you ladies , ever since I started have been so kind and I wish I had been braver sooner  .,  I am enjoying blogging so much and this weekend I have sat and read more back posts and snippets on your blogs than ever before, I have  caught up on you lovely ladies, laughed, smiled,  sighed and the sadder posts have brought a lump to my I consider this bad back a blessing in disguise.  I feel recharged  and have so enjoyed getting to know you all more by reading you blogs . Up to now I have read your recent posts , I always do when I have a new lady join my blog  and try to remember to follow and add you my blog list too (think I need to do a bit of blog housekeeping though, I fear I am a bit behind!!) sometimes I have just subscribed by e mail or bloglovin ,  but it's been lovely to to have that special thing "time"  to read at leisure.  Xxx

Sunday dinner was not a disappointment!!! This was DH's dinner...not mine promise (wink wink) I don,t like broad beans or boiled potatoes , I like roasties..yum yum. I suggested next time he might
want to go the whole hog (get it pork dinner he he !!) and use a turkey platter instead of a normal plate.......

Well I had loads of post !!!! So pleased it has all been wrapped .

We are so lucky to have a little post office in our village but it had a major glitch with the computer last me old fashioned but I know I could of posted somewhere else..a few miles away , but if we don't "use it" we will loose the Post Office with all cutbacks going on and having a local office for cash back (school dinners, local fish and butcher calling once a week...I know, I am still amazed this still happens!!!, )is so handy for ready cash is important at times.  So although I had a couple of
things to post I waited until today to post.  My little lot will raise the figures a little for our little PO.

Anyway Bob our Postmaster is a fellow Londoner like me!'.... We always have a joke and
laugh..when I go into the shop he shouts "out !!..I refuse to serve riffraff !" At first DH was a little
taken aback by our banter...he always says when I talk to other Londoners (family etc )I speak so fast
that even after 26 years nearly together he struggles to understand me!!!'..I think the same of him when he goes "back  up north"!!!! Anyway finally the computer was repaired and as I told Bob he was a lucky boy to have the joy of my company whilst he sorted my little bag of goodies!!!
Although moving here to our little village was in reflection completely "out of my comfort zone" , I love it.  People are friendly, nosey in a caring sort of way and it reminds me of growing up in South London...all our neighbours then were honorary aunties and uncles, no one had anymore or any less that anyone else .  When I was five I had a nasty nasty deep gash to my leg that needed A&E treatment and we only had two neighbours who had Dad yelled to my sister" ask Uncle Bert
or Albert if they can run us to the hospital" and one took us and the other picked us up later... ... That
sort of neighbourhood spirit is still in our village and I love that.

So I hope all my post arrives safely , it is going here there and everywhere.  I now have my season
swap to finish.....happy days......and a couple of bits for the paper and string (in my sidebar) swap and then concentrate on my Christmas swaps.

Dexter has been shaking his head all weekend... Trying to put his paw in his off to the vets this most animals he barks and shakes and hates it.  I muzzled him as he is a good boy but not knowing what was in his ears , better to be safe then sorry.  Transpires he has loads of wax in his ears and had a scratch from where he has been trying to itch, so ear cleaning and ear drops on the agenda for a week, but vet said no infection as we caught it early. DH has designated me as nurse, another skill to add to m CV..!!!! Will my talents ever cease ..ha ha..know DH 's game he doesn,t want Dextie to hate him because he is going to do a mean thing to him !!!! ..oh and Dextie needs to loose 4 kilos !!! Thought he was heavy last week, we have to reduce his food by a third ..oh dear !!!
Dally's like labs love their dinners...going to be major sulking going on!!! Next weigh in when he has his jabs in early December.. ...

Took these few pics from Newcastle Emlyn  whilst waiting for our boy's appointment...

Love the sound of flowing water
over rocks 

Oh stormy weather..

Have a great week

See you soon



  1. Have you been to Cenarth to see the falls, they are spectacular. There are some small ones in the park at Garnant, pretty but very tame. I use my local Post Office, butcher and shop, it is as you say often a case of "use it or lose it". DH's dinner looks as though it would do me for 3 days, like you I am not a fan of boiled potatoes, unless they are new of course.

  2. Oh my word DH's dinner looks huge, I can't eat a big plate of food but give me a buffet table & a couple of hours I could clear it! Poor Dextie I hope his drops work for him soon. Bob sounds like a fun postmaster I always use the village post office too. xx

    1. Hubby is a tall strapping lad (well he was a lad 35 years or so ago !!!) we just love traditional Sunday lunches but he does spoil himself especially when he is cooking!!! Good for us girls using local shops. Xx

  3. I so love it there, a bit tricky on the uneven bits but Dexter has no trouble!!!! Thanks for sharing new places with me Pam. Hubby laughed when I told him your comments.....I love local shops and of course we should try to use them.....there is a lovely deli next to cost cutters in Aberaeron , keep meaning to let you memory at times !!!!!

  4. Sounds as though you have made the most of your rest! That is good. Your post office sounds like a friendly place indeed, ours is pretty good too! xx

    1. Too friendly whenever either of us goes we end up chatting and putting the world to right....lovely neighbours

  5. We have a mobile post office come to village on week days for an hour or so, we have a time table pinned up in the kitchen as its a different time each day, they do most services there, its a great opportunity to meet locals and have a chat, we have one shop in the village its community run by volunteers and sells just about everything including wellies :-)

    1. Spot on Dawn. Places like this keep communities going...xx

  6. So handy to have a local post office, isn't it?? :)
    Glad your dog is ok.
    Have a lovely week!