Friday, 11 September 2015

A day of news and this and that

Last night I received news that I have another new great nephew...welcome Patrick Desmond .
He is named after my Dad and brother and I am sure he will be a very loved new additional to our family.   I became a aunty when I was five......but it seems strange to think I have great nephews and nieces.  Having a large family has always been a blessing to me.  Mum had children over 21 years and we often used to joke that her and Dad never really got their act together but had us here there and everywhere, some have a year between us, others seven years.  All the pictures we have of us
growing up are usually in the garden and in the background nappies blowing on the washing line!!

Yesterday we had a morning out. We decided  a lovely cafe in Aberaeron was just the place to have brunch.  Afterwards Hubby wandered off to the deli for his weekly cheese fix and I wandered off
to get some toy stuffing.  I tried last week in Cardigan to get some but they were sold out , then tried 2 shops in Aberaeron and both of them had sold out!!! There must be a rush on ! Tomorrow Little Miss and I are off to see a newly opened shop that I am very excited about, a craft shop of course.  I found out about it yesterday and I have heard they are going to start doing classes in various patchwork and Christmas themes...yippee!!!!!   I will no doubt be tempted though I have been very good recently and may even get the stuffing I need from there.

My hands , more my fingers really felt quite stiff yesterday after lifting and doing the pots so I didn't fancy making them worse so I didn't get around to any sewing but spent a lovely evening list writing.
I love lists and sort of need them to keep me organised.  Not only usual household lists but school lists , swap lists and I have been asked to have another stall at the Christmas Fair in a local village in November.  I did them back in Kent too and did one here last year and it was fantastic fun and so
good for Little Miss.  I love to encourage her to make her Angels from beads which last year sold
out!!!! Little Miss just couldn,t believe it either and it has so inspired her to do more....
......Little Miss makes the bead combinations and as she has fine and gross motor delays her grip is
not  great so I finish of the wire loops and then she decides on the ribbon.....

At the shows I encourage her to serve customers and she does love it.  We did a summer show last year too and the other stall holders have got to know her and we bump into them from time to time
And she always remember if the lady is the jam lady, the painting lady, the jewellery lady.  We never do the shows for the money, if fact any profit we make I give to the children  who then decide what we are going to spend it on...a trip out or a meal or cinema tickets.    The lady who organises the shows works so hard and always makes sure all the stalls sell different things and when we are setting up we all have a good natter and laugh.  Our husbands and partners are often a source of our amusement as they ferry our goodies back and forward from the cars and look like our little elves!!
We don,t share though what we are laughing about .......need to know basis and they don,t need to
know !!!lol.

I cannot draw for toffee but I have been doing some doodles of a new felt ornament , need to have a play with that sometime but for now happily getting my swaps sorted.  When I went into the newsagent yesterday for my magazines they were putting out the Christmas cards!!!!! Now I adore Christmas  but...September?????? I think it is far too early even for me. reminded me to start making a list as time for making for the stall will soon whizz by, let alone for family and friends!!!

This afternoon I did some more sewing on my Halloween swap and tomorrow I think I will finish it.

Wherever you are
Whatever your plans 
Hope this weekend 
Brings you a little closer 
To achieving the above 

See you soon



  1. Good for the Little Miss and her angels... I agree about holidays..they are rushing them much too fast. I do not like to see Christmas stuff in September.

    1. I think it spoils it .....mid November for me is just about right for thinking about card writing.xx

  2. Too early for Christmas, but love the idea of cHristmas patchwork xx

    1. Popped into the shop and the workshops look fun.xx

  3. Far too early for Christmas, like every thing else the supermarkets lead with turning every thing into an retail experience. We have stopped that race, and will have a lovely Christmas, in December!

    1. Good for you .....I even saw selection boxes in the co op yesterday .....!!!!! Not funny. Xx

  4. A new craft shop is always exciting. I buy hollowfibre filled pillows for stuffing, they are about £5 a pair and there is plenty of stuffing in them, and a bonus is the empty cases make good storage bags for wips. It is far too early for The C word yet but stuff is creeping into the shops.