Friday, 25 September 2015

A new park found at last!

Here is West Wales we really did not have a summer at all.  It has it,s compensations in other ways
but I wish we had managed to spend more time out on the beaches and had a few more trips.

I will miss the bright evenings most , it seems to be getting darker earlier and earlier each day.

Reading through my blog list, I know a few of you are feeling like I am and especially was yesterday... feeling flat , or just lacking  some oomph.    I love all the seasons for different reasons, I don,t mind change , if it is a good change of course, but I dislike the evening getting darker earlier, almost to me like loosing a huge chunk of  every day.  I love the colours of Autumn but even so I miss long bright days.

I have been looking at my dresser that is still full of Spring and summer things and it doesn't look "right". I change the display twice a year, Spring and Summer  together and Autumn and Winter together (with a few Christmas bits added when the time is right!) . The forecast for us is supposed to be bright days into next week and we'll I am reluctant to let Summer go yet and acknowledge Autumn is really here and time to change the display...... Maybe one more week and then ......

Little Miss' pie was yummy and was so big we froze  half of it.

Little Miss has always helped with cooking.  Both me and DH share the cooking, we don,t eat
convenience food so the children have always had fresh food and a fast food lunch is a treat
We like to have a traditional roast every Sunday and the kids love fresh fish which we buy every week  when the fish man calls.  Little Man would rather starve then eat a sausage or chicken nugget..
his favourite food is fresh meat or fish , we don,t mind as both kids are rarely sick and tall and strong.

Little Miss' unit concentrate so much on strengths with the autistic youngsters.  For her it has been a place of happiness......something she just had snippets of when we tried for her to attend mainstream after moving here from Kent.  Spaces in units are scarce and the education department felt she could cope in mainstream (since a toddler than school age she had always been in special need provisions in Kent) education told us she would have good teaching assistant support  and they thought she would be able to adjust to mainstream.  Well for a few months she did but then things got too much for her .....but that is a  another story .....

but so far in the unit .....
She is so enjoying the cooking and is obviously very good at it, her pastry is  marvellous and the staff
tell me they supervise but what she makes is her own work... I am so proud.

As you know Little Miss was very up and down during the summer .....I prayed we had made the right decision to send her to a special ASD unit.  Mainstream , the last 18 months was hard for her.
 She coped with the academic work, but the noise, going to assembly with crowds of kids, just the
commotion of everyday life, the hustle
and bustle of school life just proved too much.....  Now she happy, loving her weekly cookery lesson,
swimming lessons and just it seems everything about being there.
She now has weekly speech and lanuage, physio and occupational therapy , every day is catered for to meet her individual needs.  Now she has started to read to me again, her confidence to
share..returned.... Her excitement about telling me about what she has been doing in her school day,
school work, going into detail...things that she had stopped doing....big smiles from mummy to hear
happiness in her voice again. Despite  the difficulties she has at the moment and she may always
have,  to know she is happy....well it seems a wonderful gift not only for her but us too.

Not wanting to repeat another day like yesterday , we got in the car and took spotty boy out.
We only found a "proper" park 2 weeks ago!!!! We have lived here for over 18 months and it took us that long and we only found it by talking to out gardener Chris!  It was worth the wait....

The current was so strong and I was pleased 
Dextie didn,t want a dip

I haven't seen ducks since we left Kent ....such a beautiful day ,

I have been busy cutting felt and hopefully over the next few days will show you some more goodies on the craft table (not desk!  Given up that idea... I'd rather be messy and play!!)

                                                         See you soon


  1. I'm glad that things are going so well for your daughter, sounds like she has found her rightful place! Hope that you feel yourself again soon. xx

    1. Thank you last she seems more settled in herself...xx

  2. What good news about little Miss' school. You must be bursting with pride xx

    1. Thank you, I really am..I had forgotten what it was to hear her laugh.xx

  3. Its brilliant she is learning to cook, something that every school should be teaching to every child, her pie looks delicious you must be so proud :-)

    1. So important every child can learn to mum wouldn't let anyone else in her kitchen...I am so different..trouble is her pastry is the best.!!!'