Thursday, 10 September 2015

A good days work

Yesterday I put off what I had planned to do and I instead
Did the patio, patio table and pots

I was so ashamed and it was such a mess

6 hours later
All clean and tidy, pots weeded and refreshed with 
With new compost
Some new plants added 
Or repotted

So nice to see it all done 
My back was aching a bit
So having a day off today.

Even the garden gnomes had their yearly bubbles

This Is Colin
One of my favourites
He is called Colin because the kids
Used to have a taxi driver who did 
The school run and he looked like this 
Little chap.

And here he is with his mates

And a few others 
Today they get put back 
One or two may  need a 
Maybe a job over winter 
For a bored retired husband
Won,t suggest it yet
In case he makes some escape plan.!!!!

And the honey bees and bumble bees were having a feast 
Yesterday  on this bush
no idea it,s name
I must try to find the couple of 
Plant directories I have "somewhere"

Looking forward to a bit of sewing 
Seems far too long since I threaded 
A needle other than for uniform things.

I have my Halloween 
sewing to finish 
It has been fun making .
Looking forward to sending it on it,s way.

Oh before I forget, I am  having a big glitch 
Replying to my comments, 
So if there are spelling mistakes 
And a delay in my replying 
It's not me honest !

Thank you for the lovely comments re 
The children...
It meant a lot .....

See you soon 



  1. Your gnomes reminded me of the Pixie House in Cornwall we used to pop in to it when we visited mum, I ave one or two gnomes but the unpainted variety the ave been given to me over the years :-)

    1. Spot on Dawn, Colin is from Cornwall, not far from Port Issac where Doc Martin is filmed. Xx

  2. It looks like you had a very productive day. I need to sort our patio out too, and the shed and the compost bin and the bits and pieces scattered around...oh bother! Hmm, perhaps a job for a weekend (if it isn't raining, of course!)
    Best wishes

    1. Hope the weather holds out, a mixture here this weekend. Xx

  3. You're very welcome to sort out my garden!! :D

  4. Your garden looks great, we will do our in a couple of weeks, we are away next week, I am already thinking of which winter plants to get. Love your Gnomes, we have animals in out garden, plus loads of birds.

    1. I love garden ornaments too..a bit of fun Aden,t they. Xx

  5. I tidied some of my (dreadful!) pots last month and amazingly the Delphiniums in two of them are putting on good growth and might even flower again if we don't get a sudden cold snap.

    It's nice to get organized out there and I managed a couple of hours tidying in mine today once I'd finally tracked down and picked some blackberries.

    1. I thought the blackberries would be better than they are with all our rain..will try again this week to hunt more down.xx

  6. Looks like you were really busy. That's our job for the weekend weather permitting. I love the garden but I've been so busy for the last couple of weeks it's been neglected. Never mind it'll look so much better on Monday. Love the gnomes. Xxxx

  7. it is spring here and last weekend I caught up on some neglected gardening - just planted the winter veges! They should still be okay. Sideways rain and cold here

  8. I'm dreadfully behind in commenting, I've been reading blogs in work & I cant comment there. With regards to your post about your children I find blogs develop as you go along & what you originally intended it to be well it changes. Mine has certainly changed over the years. You sound like a super parent & you should be proud of that & if you want to post about your children & their condition than you certainly should do. Now my garden desperately needs a tidy & I'm rather jealous of yours now xx

  9. I have most of my bulbs now and intend, weather permitting, to get them in pots or the ground at the weekend. I could not have gnomes in the garden, Ben would drag them all over the place.I have not replied to comments for a few days, pain in the right shoulder and neck which seems to be going now.