Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hotbin ...a good result

Early summer last year we bought a Hotbin and a wormery.  Today was the first time I opened the Hotbin up to find out what the compost was like and the result was really good.  Compost as black as coal, all rotten down, no slime or smell .  I spent the morning outside the front weeding the pots and putting in some spring bulbs.

Yesterday the temperature inside the bin was 105
degrees!!!' no wonder it composts
So well.

I love Honeyballs and tulips and have added a few more varieties here and there.

If you have ever  visited Wales in spring you will know daffodils are I haven,t put any in pots unless they are scented ones.    I have repotted some bargain hostas I bought 2 weeks ago!!!! I know 2 weeks but as is my usual style it took me ages to get around to it. But they are done now and I know where I have put them is shady, and relatively slug free.....

This morning I measured my intended raised bed space.  I think instead of one big one I will have 3 smaller ones.  I had 4 raised beds back in Kent and wouldn,t plant veg any other way.  I had a look on the net and the price seems to have dropped from when I first bought mine.  I will speak to Chris our garden man to see what he thinks, make or buy??? In the meantime I will pop down to a neighbour who has horses and get some horse poo as I think when the Hotbin is emptied a bit more , adding that every now and then will not doubt speed up the composting and I hope by the time the beds start going in I won,t have to buy too much compost.  

The weather is supposed to be nice until the weekend so I will probably spend this time in the garden.
The patio looks a mess, so this is probably a job for tomorrow.  All the pots look muddy and full of weeds so think it will be a all day job.  Hubby has been happy pottering doing inside jobs whilst I've been outside , we make quite good team and it is nice not to be getting under each other's feet!! Plus
He has been making sure I have some lovely cold drinks to keep me going...

                       ,                     ,,           See you soon  xxx


  1. I'd love a wormery and to make our own compost. Our garden is definitely looking a it bit rough round the edges xx

  2. It took over 6 hours today to sweep up, cleans pots, prune and top up with fresh compost!!! Worth it though. Wormeries iaren,t cheap but I love it and the compost it makes I think now is better than the Hotbin. Will pay for itself in a couple more years . Maria xx

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend some time in the garden! That hotbin obviously works wonders doesn't it! xx

    1. I think the Hotbin is great but hard going on the hands as the compost does compact and has to be tugged from the back of the box but it,s great stuff. Xxx

  4. I had raised beds a little while ago, 3 are made and I have the wood for 1 more, all 4 came in at less than the price of 1 wooden but smaller would be. I am happy to have found you, I moved to Wales 18 months ago. I have family in Cardigan and have been visiting for several years. I choose to live in the Amman Valley, close to Neath, Swansea, Carmarthen and Llanelli. I love it here and am busy building a new garden. My craft room is fairly organised but I have to make myself keep it under control.