Saturday, 12 September 2015

Little thoughts

I was clearing up the garden and picking up the apples that I mentioned a few days ago....that have now fallen and have put them in a tub until I know what to do with them. The last week has been so nice and it is nice wandering about but the wasps are attracted to the fallen fruit so I wanted to clear the fallen fruit to the far side of the garden to limit the risks of anyone being stung..I hate wasps!

Little man came up to me and looked a bit puzzled when I told him and showed him how damaged the apples were and because of the damage the apples couldn,t be eaten.  He wandered off and returned a few minutes later with a box of plasters which he calls bandages.  Straight away I thought he has hurt himself...but no.  He took a plaster out of the box and handed it to me and then pointed to a damaged apple  still on the tree.
"Go on mummy, put a plaster on it, it might make it feel better".
One of those moments for me when my little ones say something  and it takes my breathe away.
Neither child started to talk until they were nearly 6 .  We had countless speech therapy sessions .  Husband and I went on courses to learn how to learn about how language developes and I also learnt
Makaton (sign language) and something called Picture Exchange System ..PECS .    We never knew if they would ever learn to talk, but PECS and sign opened a desire to communicate.  Often people with ASD do not develope that desire or need , thankfully my two did.  So now when they talk and share their view of their world, it gives me an insight of how they process the things they see and hear, which is not the same way that perhaps you and I do.  Many are visual learners, needing to be shown and re shown how to do things many, many times , if they ever pick up the task you are teaching depends, sometime it happens quickly, sometimes never.

And so back to the story.  I explained to Little Man,  the apple , well it wasn't like a person
when something like this happens to plants and fruits , well it happens sometimes ...and
we couldn,t mend it with plasters or medicine.  He looked up again at the apples  and asked if I was sure the plasters wouldn,t work, and then wandered off.  Little Man is a man of few words.
In that I mean he is as happy as the day is long , but feels little need to share "his world" with us
I always tell people it is a need to know basis  and he obviously doesn,t think we need to know!!
And that makes me laugh.  It makes me laugh , because he is his own person and just doesn,t engage in the art of chit chat.  For him language is when he needs , really needs to ask or tell me something , in the meantime he obviously wants to concentrate on more important things on his mind rather than for example discussing a very boring day at school which is now finished. So on the rare occasion like yesterday and I am "allowed" a glimpse of  his thoughts and how he processes the things he sees,
how his little mind had worked ...... and problem solved even, it does make me feel so grateful he can talk. I know the gift of communication,  it is a gift,  and one we often take for granted.......I know I
did once,  not any more.

First thing when hanging the washing out a butterfly landed on the was huge, the butterfly and the pile of washing.!!!!!  I don,t know if it was a admiral, must keep my eye out for a butterfly book.. bet I will find one in a charity shop if I look hard enough..........
Then at least I could give it it's proper name or at least try to!!!!!!

Then as I was shutting the back door I noticed this , I don,t think it could of been the same one.

And is it me or my part of the world but I haven,t seen one ladybird this year? Where have they gone?

This is last bit of planting 
To finish off.

Better finish off  as Little Miss
Wants to get going 
To that new shop
And keeps giving me 
"The look"

See you all soon


  1. that is such a beautiful story about your son and language. i write those sorts of things down in a notebook. Have fun at the new shop... ;)

    1. Thank you Kimberley....good idea about the book. Xxx

  2. Sounds as though your children might not be the biggest verbal communicators, but they obviously communicate a lot from and with their hearts! xx

    1. Absolutely...less is often much more. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. maria xx

  3. Lovely sweet little boy - a kind hearted child which is such a good thing! I haven't seen many ladybirds either this year which is a shame as I had a rather beautiful lupin eaten by greenfly! My eldest son learnt Makaton prior to volunteering in a special needs school - it's a useful skill to have & personally I think it should be on the curriculum at every school. I hope you're having a lovely weekend x

  4. Thank you. I am a little rusty now with Makaton but I find myself still signing when re inforcing things to the kids at times!!!!! They still do it at times too. It is such a great thing to learn. Something I think every CV should have . Xx

  5. Children say the most amazing things, it is a good idea to keep a written record. I have had several butterflies in the garden and last week there seemed to be hundreds of wasps but now you mention it I have not seen Ladybirds either.

    1. Where have they gone ? , has it been too cold..we had loads in Kent, here none... Very confusing