Thursday, 28 April 2016

Little darlings

I have had a lovely week or two.  Lots of lovelies and little darling things have been appearing and time to sew , well I have definitely fulfilled my three hexi flowers per week quota that's for sure and a bit far at least

The glue pen I mentioned certainly has worked wonders even with much smaller hexies .

I have been naughty again!  I have been waiting for this beautiful retro type fabric to arrive in the on line shops I use and it did and I did so have to have it!  It is from a collection called "strawberry biscuit" and I have seen so many things made on Pinterest using it well I just could not resist and when I opened the package I didn't regret the spend one bit!

These are other retro prints I could not resist 

I have a few gifts to make for babies due in the next few months.
I don't know  what  the sex of the babies so I am well prepared now. 

And other things.....

A morning with DH and Dextie spent on the beach...then ice creams on the bench and back home to more sewing ......simple things, this was last Wednesday ..

New Quay....the sea was so blue .. 

Wet pupster with a  sandy nose, 
we met a couple who used to breed Dally's 
from their Dalmatians.  they told 
us that 
our boy was very handsome
 beautiful amber eyes 
a great sign of a good breeding 
if their eyes are so clear... 
and his stance so well formed (?)  apparently.. 

we wouldn't change him.  for anything 
but nice to confirm what a handsome boy we have 
by someone we just met..
who have some knowledge of the breed. 

Then .... yesterday.... this...doesn't seem like May will be here next week.

This carried on and off for 4 hours was so chilly the
heating was on most of the morning and early afternoon
and then back on at tea time!

Earlier in the week I noticed a animal transporter leave the farm next to us with calves that had been born since we arrived here two years ago...little calves the children had named and for a few minutes I felt sad seeing them go...I wandered home ...deep in thought as I do on the odd occasion .  My knee seems to have improved a bit, I have done a bit of driving the last week since my car was fixed .  As
my car is manuel I wonder whether that exercise has helped?  So I have been for the odd wander otherwise the temptation to sit and stick hexies would if I let it take over my day!  Anyway I arrived
home and what a beautiful sight and sound greeted me..... New baby calves, can't be very old, with their mothers and "aunty" who I think must be pregnant too

And their names "blue" and "little pink flowers".   Named by you know who!

I haven't done any gardening yet...I should I know but just have not been "in the mood"
Every pot needs weeding and the soil topping up ....maybe next week...... But with every day hail and sleet I am in no rush!

Both kiddies off school for the last few days , poorly. not much sewing getting done..just lots of cuddles, sympathy and maid duties!

I found a free printable sheet for 3/4 inch hexies and they are so little...printed a couple of sheets off as  i do not have the die for that size but do for the fabric to fit it .  I think they will make cute brooches and hair slides or to decorate gift bags .... I found a little bag of them  , not sure when I got them whilst tidying up and they do look cute... Hence I thought I would make some more . A couple are in this picture that I have sewn already...

glueing these are a bit tricky 
but I am not planning on making many or very often.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Where did that come from?

Well last Saturday , first thing beautiful spring sunshine.  For the first time this year I took Dexter's first morning walk around the garden with him.  Coffee cup in hand ,lots is awake now and colour...
I needed a part for the car, somehow the glass thing in front of the headlight on my car has "disappeared" .  Well I have driven for over 30 years but don't ask me technical bits...not my thing!As my car is elderly we decided to go to a brokers yard and pick up this part up there as I imagine a spanking new part would be a lot plus we need a garage to fit it, it's access to replace it is "hidden " somewhere in the bowels of the engine. We rang first on Friday and they had two cars in the yard that had the part we needed.

Anyway we set off , much to the kids annoyance , this is Little Man's reaction at breakfast when we told him our plans !!!! Not impressed

they both wanted yet another duvet day. Breakers yard or iPad ? no competition when you're ten!

On the way the sat nav had a tantrum , wouldn't get a signal, I forgot the map book, and it was raining really hard . Anyway between me and the sat nav we missed the turn off, ended up in Cardigan and had to turn around with DH moaning and groaning as he does when we get "lost" on yet another adventure.  I took him because to me , sourcing car bits , calling car bits the right name , walking around car graveyards and removing said part from appropriate car is MEN's work and plus I don't like the idea of greasy yucky hands either!  and heaven forbid I got the wrong part...don't even go there!

Anyway this happened

rain, hailstones, sleet, snow

No mention on the weather forecast of this little lot

DH after much flaffing and the rest of us freezing in the car waiting for him ,finally sourced the part.
Some poor soul then had to removed it  , all for the princely sum of £6...bargain!
Then homeward bound Little Miss went into dramatics "it's snowing, we're going to crash" , setting Little man off in floods of tears ( think she has been watching too much "ice road trucker" programs ) was all we needed !

Anyway we got home safely and it snowed probably for a couple of hours.  Bacon sandwiches and hot drinks upon our return sort of restored everyone's happiness and good nature and the kids had a small snow fight, watched on by very unimpressed looking cows and one spotty dog.

Well that was our first snow in winter and spring this quick as it arrived the sun came out early afternoon and within a  hour all melted and gone.

It was nice though, just wished we hadn't been in a chilly car parked up in a breakers yard when it

During the week said part was fitted by the local garage, how much? £5 donation to their tea club!
We do take both cars to them but even still I was amazed.  So my "old girl" is back on the road..great stuff.

It's been a funny old back at school.  DH has been reviewing a book or two so the house
has been quiet...restful even.
I have after the boring chores of life have been done,    ... been sitting here and there for the odd hour  sewing.
I have dug out some English paper piecing...remember the hexagons last year, ? well I have added more hexagons to my little box and have set myself a little challenge.  Every week I hope to make a minimum of 3 "flowers" to add to my hard can that be.? .have I set myself  to fail? probably ...but nothing ventured.

As usual I used both my big shot die cutter and 
2 specific dies .
One for the paper size and the other for the slighter larger 
fabric size. 
It cuts up to 6 layers of fabric at a time
more for the paper so
in no time I had a nice little bundle to be getting on with.

Whilst routing about I found some free diamond templates 
I got in a magazine 
and decided to us up some of 
my Pam Kitty fabric 
and similar fabric from the stash.

Now I usually baste the paper to the fabric 
the traditional way by sewing.

It is not very quick though and I
Wondered whether there was any quicker method?

A search on Pinterest
and a internet search revealed 
an alternative was using 
The sew line glue pen.

I have previously used this pen for applique 
it is water soluble 
and although blue dries clear
So it so easy to see where you 
Have glued. 

Well one evening , probably 2 or 3 
hours I sewed 18 diamonds.

Not bad I thought until
in just over one hour one wet afternoon
I glued.  ....38!

The pens retail for about £4.50 and with the pen you get
one refil...refils packets that contain
2 sticks then retail for between £2 - £2.20

I used a stick and a bit for 38 diamonds 
and for me the speed and convenience is worth £1.10

It may be very fiddly for small 2" squares etc 
but when I do the next "batch" of hexagons
when the refils I have ordered arrive I will let you know.

For me the time saved could be spent sewing the 
pieces properly 
and not unpicking basting thread is another plus.
I did a sample batch to see how the glue unpicked  from
the paper templates and it was fine and 
the templates are all re useable
the residue glue very fine on the fabric 
and apparently water soluble if you wanted 
to wash your project at any time.

A finish 

I have  finished  off.  the bunny cross stitch too..  The pattern is long gone, this project was started years ago....I seem to remember it was in a magazine or pamphlet and I chose the colours I liked and added the lace and buttons as I thought they gave it a bit of depth.  Nice to finish off another elderly work in progress.  Not sure if it is going to be framed or made into a cushion etc yet...toying with the idea of doing a patchwork theme surround...

Beautiful blue skies here this morning.....fat little mummy birds back and forth from the bird feeder.. Hoping for a quiet weekend...maybe a stroll later to see the lambs .....  Hope you have a lovely weekend too.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Finally. . A make or two

Two posts in one week I must of found some of the oomph after all .
goodness it seems a while since I made anything, but the last few days , weeks , I have been busy with the normal things in life plus "entertaining " the in laws over Easter too but I have been disappearing and trying to finish a bunny cross stitch..nearly finished, hopefully for the next post ?

I also stitched these up with felt......

This is my favourite I think
I love this patchwork felt .

Then a bit of buying....
I didn't need them , have no particular project in mind but I REALLY wanted them!!! Ha ha.
I have bought the odd fat quarters here and there over the last two years  but have been relatively brilliant
for me (!!!) and not bought hardly anything fabric wise . Then I saw these on a favourite on line shop just before Easter.  Well I did not impulse buy.  I put them on my wish list and as I try to do , I left
them a few days (though I did pop back to have another look once or twice..hee hee) and then
because I still really loved them still days and days later I ordered them and they arrived a few days
ago. .

The children had been to soft play on respite and the postie arrived and I think he thought I had gone bonkers or was making a pass at him as I exclaimed "oh am I pleased to see you" grasping my little
parcel to my heart!!! After he gave Dextie his usual cuddle and biscuit he looked up and all I said was
"fabric" he gave me a smile and nod "for me it's fishing tackle" he said  and was on his way .  Each to their own was one of my Dad's sayings and that immediately sprung to mind.The dining room table
was clear ...very unusual , but I am trying to tidy up as I go along...we'll see how long that lasts.  Anyway I sat down , and one by one took them out of the parcel..

Some of the fabrics are by Tilda

I adore pastel colours and duck egg blue
Is always a favourite colour of mine 

I couldn't resist 
these grey theme fabrics
which go so well 
with duck egg

and these are teal

aren't they pretty.? 

The colours are beautiful, just as lovely as they looked on line.  I really have no idea what I am going
to make........but that's part of the fun for me ...decisions...decisions. I a group of patterns printed out and collected from magazines etc so I will not be short of inspiration.

Little miss has been busy too.  She has made all these lovelies and has quite a production line going !
She has been eyeing up the new fabric but I have told her it is all mine... She just giggled and the glint in her eye said "we'll see!".  She has already earmarked some dash wood fabric that she found in the stash ...... I do love watching her , comparing colours and putting fabric combinations together.
She has started under supervision to do some ironing now too.  It is only the fabric she wants to use
On her projects , but as with the sewing machine , she is calm, safe and patient .

coasters and tissue holders
different patterns 
and sizes

stash busting at it's best 

And more 

This hat she made at DT at school .. She brought it home, she made it for me..I am so proud .xxxx
She told me Daddy had helped her to measure one of my other hats so she got the size right..clever girl!

and last but no means least , the Easter swap arranged by Kimberley over at Creative Chaos

I was partnered with Lyn from Australia who does not have a blog.  I missed the post for the swap partners and so we were late posting which was entirely my fault.  Lyn was so gracious though and we posted but our swaps arrived a little later than Easter.

Lyn sent me these lovelies

Lyn was so kind sending sweets and gifts
for the children.

A beautiful pouch , I love it ! and the ceramic egg is
just too pretty for Easter
it will have a new home on 
one of the egg cups on my dresser. 
Soap and tea bags too

This bunny coaster is so lovely
it now sits on a 
table with a vase of daffs nearby.

And I posted these

Some painted eggs, sewing kit
and embellishments 
and buttons

Adhesive fabric, the Apple  was bought , but I
added a couple of charms.
The owl pin cushion and the Easter feltie I made 

and Easter would not be Easter without sweets
because I was worried chocolate may 
melt I sent a pouch of marshmallows
hot chocolate drinks and some 
English sweets.

Another lovely swap
Thanks again to Lyn and  to Kimberley
for arranging it.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Catching up.....recent swaps

I do apologise to my lovely swap ladies as I am VERY behind in posting some swaps from Easter .
Delays of all sorts have been going on one seems to have much oomph to go or do anything
maybe it's just the way school holidays should be . I do have lists of things to do and yet can't get motivated or stir motivation of any sort in anyone else either. Suggestions of walks on the beach have fallen on extremely deaf ears this morning, the kids even disappeared under the settee quilts to drown me out!!!! I guess it will be another  duvet day... When even the offer of ice creams etc can persuade
then I know when I am beaten !
My dear brother in law remains unwell in hospital , thank you for all your kind wishes.  He has now been moved to a hospital nearer home which helps my sister as she no longer drives and has to rely on public transport or lifts.  He is undergoing extensive physio but so far little progression, ironically the heart surgery itself has gone remarkably well.

So before I go off on another tangent here are the swaps

No 1
The country swap, by Kimberley over at Creative Chaos.I was swapping with Glenda .  A bit of kismet here. Back last year Glenda and I received a handmade ornament from each other in a Christmas anonymous swap and here we were again.  We chatted via e mail and these goodies are what I received from Glenda, all the way from New Zealand

A sheep tea towel, diary inserts, tea and chocies 

The tomato sauce holder made me giggle,
can't remember the last time we had a bbq here!
A beautiful bracelet, key ring, purse and hand cream
...just all so lovely

And this is what I sent
as I am a Londoner but now living in West Wales I sent a mixture ...

oops up side picture

I made this scissor fob from London theme charms

I also sent a recent cross stitch magazine, London ribbon,
Postcards, recipe books from Britain and Wales, a Welsh thimble
ribbons and pegs in red and blue and white colours
polo's and pork scratchings!

Tracy, from Mad about Bags
ran a Stationery Swap

and I was partnered with Tracy herself.

We have chatted back and forth lots of times..

we have lots and lots in common
and have been swappers in the past

This is what I sent

I hand decorated these small pouches with 
a fox pouch I made 
And some bookmarks I decorated with handmade 
Yo yos decorated with beads. 

and a collection of stationery 

these are the lovelies I received 
from Tracy

Cath Kidston napkins (beautiful and my favourite)
equally beautiful stationery
All very me in colours and designs

and this beauty
a handmade pouch by Tracy.
I adore it !
Tracy makes such beautiful

oh and lots of chocolates too.

To Glenda and Tracy 
Thank you so much for being
Wonderful swap

I also have a Easter swap to post from

I will post that next time
as I have only just collected the parcel 
from the Post Office.