Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A bit of this and that sort of week.

This weekend has flown by, doing nice relaxing things as a family.

I having been using the die cutter loads , I fear I have got a bit carried away.....loads of ideas buzzing in my head, colour combinations....playing with ribbons, brads and buttons.

I confess I absolutely adore buttons ....

In my clearing up I found 2 large sweet tins and a large French Kilmer type jar that I have picked up at charity shops but never sorted.  There is quite a collection and one boring day I will no doubt have a pleasant few hours going through them.....I think the kids schools will be in line to receive a few no doubt too.

Sunday morning was spent visiting a friend of the children's with her birthday present.  Doing a few errands for a neighbour who is having quite a time of it with a sick husband and sick friends too.
Then coming home with a Sunday paper ,  having roast lunch and just having a lazy afternoon catching up on "strictly come dancing" with Little Miss who adores it!!' reading the Sunday paper, sewing and even a couple of rows of the stripey blanket. I have so many ends to sew in already and think I need to get that done too as the idea of sewing in hundreds of rows at once is not going to be appealing..little and often I think with this sort of thing.

Looks like another busy week is forecast ...Little Man will be 10..... so some birthday present buying to do and a cake to bake.  Little Miss is really into bread baking and wants to do some more cooking having spent some time reading cookery books...where did that come from ???!!! So I need to stock
up on bread flour etc.  I have a couple of parcels to send off I will explain about later to my
shame !

On a fun side the seals have started to appear in numbers off New Quay and Cymtudu beaches ready to pup!
They are apparently a few weeks earlier than usual.  One seal has already birthed on a part of New
Quay beach which has now been coned off.  I understand they can pup into February.....yesterday the locals in Cymtudu were asking owners to keep dogs on the lead as you could see the seals in the distance but as the beach was quite busy it was scaring the mothers off.  Hopefully I will pop down
Without Dexter in the week and might have some lovely snaps and oh to be that close to seeing the seals and pups is very exciting.

Yesterday I awoke at 3am just feeling "rough"..,.... I didn't fall back asleep.  We went to Aberystwyth
as planned to get presents for little man but I felt car sick there and back....and that is not me.  We got back and I just felt rubbish .  I hid the presents in the annex just couldn,t face wrapping them and then realised we haven't got birthday cards!! I have to go back to the vets today , Dextie's ears are still
waxy and the vet over the phone said continue with the cleaning and drops for another week so got to pop out (if you call 10 miles  either way"popping out" ) to pick up more drops , so can get the cards then.  Something is wrong with the phones and broadband AGAIN....DH tried to send a parcel for me... Post Office closed!!! Maybe with the broadband not working they gave up and shut shop ? We did see "Reach" vans driving up and down and examining a telephone pole in the next field...don,t know if it is connected but even with my booster box my mobile wasn,t getting any signal either...such a faff , we seem to have had such a bad service for months !!!

Today feeling tickety boo again..thank goodness...can't be doing with having off days.

Forget I had this die cutter
I love gingerbread men decorations 
so having a play with these 
For Christmas. Fair.

Can't make my mind up about 
The Christmas puds
They are smallish too 
So need to be 
Backed onto something???
decisions, decisions..

Well that's me for now.
Parcel to try to post off (again)
Phones and broadband (obviously) back on 

See you soon


  1. I spent the weekend, and most of yesterday, slogging in the garden, dealing with washing/ironing ( where does it come from) or making chutney and jam. No time to blog but will make up for it later.

    1. Hope you have caught up, boy you sound busy.xx

  2. Great decorations! Good to catch up with you. Hope you are feeling yourself again now, and if not, will do soon! Enjoy the cooking! xx

    1. Hope you are feeling good too honey, me and you both have been out of salts it seems. Problem with lighting in the annex so taken over the dining room table again..lots of things in the making...having lots of fun.xx