Sunday, 31 January 2016

February approaches.

Hi everyone, don't know about you but I think January has rushed by.  Although nearly 8.30am here it is still very dark outside , the wind is howling but no rain though I doubt it won't be far behind.

DH's birthday is this week so yesterday we hopped over to New Quay for sit down fish and chips and had a nice couple of hours out.  I forgot to take any pictures but the sea was very choppy .  We have a fish man that calls every Thursday and he told DH the price of fish has increased a bit because of the weather and less and less boats venturing out.   I don't blame them.  The other day at the inner harbour at Aberaeron the sea was crashing and I mean crashing against the moored boats and reaching quite high on the harbour wall.  Gertrude may have left us but I believe Henry is on the way...this winter seems to be a troublesome one for many.

This week not much creating I'm afraid.  I have been out every day with one thing or another and have been so grateful upon my return each day to find a kettle full of piping hot water and a nice warm kitchen courtesy of our Rayburn.

Oh I do love my Rayburn.
We joke that Dextie has the best bed in the house.
His bed  is in front of the dresser 
which is alongside the Rayburn.....he is always cosy.

Another happy for me was finding a local shop (5 miles away..local for us!!) now sells these bad boys!

Bigger is definitely better when it comes 
to crumpets.

Oh I love crumpets! I only have one and smother it in black cherry jam! Bliss!  Simple pleasures.

The spare room is now ready for the new bed (due to be delivered week after next) .after my mad rush to empty it out , our decorator was delayed in starting as he injured his shoulder, but it is all done now .  I am looking forward to making it look nice and cosy.  Next week we hope to pop out and get some new sheets and pillowcases...everything else has been already bought.

During the week Little Miss has been really helping cooking at home, she gets such joy from it.  At
school she made this lovely. A pasta cheese with pancetta, mushrooms and sweet corn.

I had an appointment at her school this week and I asked her teacher just how much of the cooking
she actually does.  "Everything" was the reply  , apparently she gets quite annoyed if she can't do it

As you know I love linen etc and going through a drawer this week I found these...

These were given to me on my wedding morning , handmade by a neighbour.  Rose was probably in her eighties then, I think she had special needs and had always lived with her sister and brother in law.  I always remember seeing her come to the door holding a crotchet hook and project in her hand .
Rose is obviously long gone now but finding these whizzed me back to my childhood home (like a scene in the Disney film "Ratatouille " when the food critic is transported back in time when he hurts his knee.   )I remember Rose holding my hand on my wedding morning and telling me these dollies (I have two sets, identical just in different shades) were dressing table sets.  Well when we moved here we bought the houses' original bedroom furniture and for the first time since being a little girl I had a dressing table again.  So I have washed them and they are now where I can see them everyday.  I haven't given London or Kent much thought since I moved here but I must admit for a little while I
did feel a bit homesick.

Who ate all the chews?
(Found a empty packet of five that must of
"fallen " out of my shopping bag!!
That face says it all....
"Guilty as charged!"

Well I think that's all for now.  I have loads of photos to upload and hopefully soon will be getting into the swing of blogging more again.  This month has been a busy one and I am hoping a few days when I can disappear into the dining room (my temporary craft space in winter) and do some serious!!! making.  

Friday, 22 January 2016

flea market and charity shop finds

Last time when I showed the patchwork I forgot to show you the link.  Well there are a few as I mentioned on Pinterest under titles like postage stamp size quilts but the best one with super duper photos is this one, which is so easy to follow.

I used (previously as I went along) one of my quilt die cutter to get all the squares the same size ....which helped a lot and I try to do this as I go along with fabric scraps . I now using the quilt dies to cut shapes and store them rather than having a baskets of scrap all over.  I throw very little away now too this way and it always means , well that's the plan anyway, I can do random patchwork when I fancy as I have squares and strips ready to go.

Well last weekend  a trip into town as the boys desperately needed haircuts...(finally that is when I told them they both looked like girls with long hair did  they agree to be very reluctantly be dragged from the warm cosy house!!) so did lots of other boys waiting patiently it seemed inside the barbers.. ,so with a "good luck " and a giggle we left them and headed off to have a look around town and knew we could take our time...bliss for girls  who like the occasional potter about in charity shops and the like.  Well we found these .....

and these (nearly washed and ironed) some need a slight repair and some will be cut up and given a new life somewhere.

these were "free" in a box and nearby a bucket for donations for the Lifeboats if you wanted, which of course I did...... Always a good cause especially living here where they patrol all the big beaches in the summer and give full day talks and safety advice to school children.  Anyway the linen has washed up and look lovely now they are pressed.  I have a lovely collection now and must use it.  I started collecting bits years ago when visiting flea markets in Greenwich after my mum said I could have lots of linen that had been my Nan's.  I know some bits are even my great Nan's as she was apparently a very accomplished needlework lady..sadly I never met her or even have a photo.  My mum always said I must of got my love of crafting from her as my mum and sisters go into a cold sweat at the sight of a sewing needle and thread !!

My new linen dollies and China need to find a  place on the dresser , that will be a big wash, dust and put away and re arrange project, maybe when I have a day with no other jobs to do.  Everything needs to be taken down and I always dread I will smash or chip something as I can be a bit clumsy  or "cack  handed" as my old mum used to say. 
I am not going to do a seasonal display on my dresser anymore , just display China and bits and bobs 
that I love.   I hope during the summer to do a little tea party for Little Miss and her friends and need to start to collect some China .....hence the bits above. The  bits ranged from 25p to £1 , no dearer and
a new stall opened recently which has mismatched China .... so we had a rummage and found something to add to our growing collection.  I say ours because Little Miss has even more
 enthusiasm than me and a keen eye when looking for chips and cracks.

I found this too, for £2 , oh I was a happy bunny, I have wanted one of these for donkeys years but they are always so expensive even in junk shops . I am keeping my sharpie pens in it but it too will end up on display on the dresser.

So all the above made me happy this week , also the fact we all had dental check ups and DH is the
only one requiring a small replacement filling.   A eye appointment at the hospital showed no further deterioration to little man's eyesight... just needed the surgeon to check him out this week and he  agreed  no surgery required at the moment, we can forget about that for another year...made me very happy..hate the thought of surgery on him.  He will need it one day but hopefully many years away.

 Lastly I have done as I planned and eased up a bit this week.  Over Christmas I noticed the house did not fail into chaos if the washing machine and tumble dryer were not constantly burrrrring in the background, floors were not washed on and off during the day as dirty paws usually seem to dictate.  Ironing is my pet hate , well it waited and we didn't disappear under a mountain of it and meals too were prepared and cooking shared including Little Miss who joined in (under supervision) more leisurely...and I liked it!  The Hoover still has a daily airing as a constantly moulting pupster with
black and white fur , well nothing downstairs seems to escape his fur as he moves from room to room and brushes against things...but I don't mind that.  Overall I am liking this more relaxed home...

I have been doing a little sewing for a swap but cannot share at the moment.  I have also started to
make some little labels for some gentlework/crazy quilting that I hope to begin with Little Miss. I have ordered some yo yo makers and charms and hopefully they will arrive soon to show you next time.  I do love vintage and hope to re cycle old damaged linen, lace and buttons into some sort of wall hanging/quilt...

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Being busy and the end of year swaps.

First tulips of the year.

Thank you for your kindness re my last post... It seems many of us have had or still do have family issues.  Your comments really lifted me . Yes I'm still being called "Tiger" by the most handsome boy in the world..of course I am biased he is my boy after all!!!  Another little calf who looks so little has appeared..he's now called "Charlie" .  When they get nearer in the field to us (they are a bit far to get a decent picture due to electric fencing at the moment) I will introduce the herd properly .  We haven't
had any snow or fog, still more rain , maybe we have avoided snow being nearer the sea, I don't
 know.  One of the kid's taxi's got trapped last week in the dark in a flooded lane he didn't see the water until it was too late and needed a local farmer to drag him out, thankfully he hadn't picked any of the children up yet.

I have struggled for ages to find my sewing mojo, dear Jacquie from My Journey told me to have a look in the cupboard as it might be hiding there...oh that made me laugh...that's what is so great about you lovely people , highs and lows , we all pull together.  I have sort of got it back..I spent a few hours tidying in the annex and I enjoyed that and found inspiration again, it must of been hiding as Jacquie said in one of the cupboards!!!!

I found a little tub of tiny patchwork squares and I remembered a post on Pinterest where it was mentioned how to , like a jigsaw puzzle iron the squares onto fusible interfacing.  When that is done
you machine in straight lines on the reverse side and like magic the squares line up really quite
fabulously. Here is what I did

easy and a great way to use up those scraps 

A really clever idea that some someone kind  shared.  great for small projects , probably wouldn't work on quilt size projects , but these rectangles are probably destined for smaller projects like place mats , purses or similar.  A great way to use up little bits of fabric that otherwise might be time consuming to sew up the usual way...I know I will be using this method again.

At last, thank you for your patience , I can now post my Christmas swaps.  Well it took me a few days, a hour snatched here and there to "find" misfiled photo's and to do some photo grids otherwise this post would of been soooooo photo packed!!!

First was my swap with Diane (The Cheshire Quilter) , what a beautiful maker Diane is..I will
treasure the gifts she made for me...

Diane made me a wall hanging,
A tote with umbrella
Two purses filled with goodies
and also biscuits, pens, hand cream and balm, and a spotty dog tape measure.

I sent 

I so enjoyed making the little house coasters
I may have to make some more.

Then there was 
2 swaps from Melanie (The Patchwork Robin)
The first was the Creative Chaos Christmas swap
and then the secret Sewchat secret swap

From Melanie , the Creative Chaos swap 

The secret Sewchet swap 

What I sent to Melanie for the first swap

I also posted to Megan from Pigeonwishes the secret swap
I have searched but cannot find the photos 
but I sent fabric and sewing notions

and lastly the Twelve Days of Christmas swap

I was,paired with Cath from the blog Clicky Needles
First is what I sent 
And then what Cath sent to me 

A huge thank you to my partners and the 
Ladies who organised the swaps.

Right time for a cuppa

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A week of things....

The last week or so , well it hasn't been my finest.   I've been told things and found things out regarding family and and a issue nearer home here that well left me angry but more upset than anything.  Not a ideal start to the year but I refused to let either sour my New Year and have sadly made my peace , dealt with them and both are now gone.  So that's where I have been for the last week or so.  I have never liked confrontation..I like to think I am a peacemaker .....but sometimes even I have to admit somethings are better completely out of your life than hovering in some limbo
that you know will never get better or ever be the same it was before.

Today I am expecting to get my photo's sorted so I can post the Christmas swaps, sorry for the delay
But they need organising as they are in a random mess at the moment.

Well lots of blog authors have started the New Year with inspiring aims, words or ideas....... As many I do not make resolutions but have resolved to do two things.  One is to slow down (a bit) and notice things and the other is to appreciate in whatever form it arrives in my life things that make me happy and bring me joy.

Well this last week I found joy when ....and noticed ...

My son for some reason has started to call me "Tiger", no one has ever called me that before and I
burst out laughing the first time and nearly squeezed the life out of him!!!!! He knows how to make his mummy happy.

Seeing for the first time a woodpecker eating from my bird feeding station.

Sitting quietly and showing the children on the internet all the birds that visit our garden. Then watching them, watching the birds with obvious interest and telling me who we have visiting today.

A new black calf arriving in the field next to us and my son naming him "Dave". Another funny for me!'  The children always notice the new calves and the names they chose always make me laugh.  Before we have had Digby (I still do not know where that came from as I don't remember them seeing the film about the dog) , Pansy Cake ???, Twinkle Moon and Trevor!!! to name a few, not yet a "Maria" but I expect that day will come !!!Quite a combination and always guaranteed to bring a smile to the farmer's face when Little Miss informs him!!


Not so funny, husband telling me he has arranged for out spare room to be decorated...good I thought
..until he told me I had 3 days before the man was arriving to empty it!!! Oh and I needed to
dismantle the old bed and choose the paint!!!!! I did it though and did a clear out at the same time.
Nothing like a time scale to work to, if that doesn't motivate me, nothing will!

Going to my first WI.  Another funny I am the youngest by at least 20 years! Having said that everyone was friendly and inviting and we had a lady who gave us a talk on Istanbul, a bit about
Turkey in general and the carpet making there...two and a half hours flew by.  I will be back.

On the craft front  I am doing a bit of sewing , trying to finish a cross stitch and stitchery but am getting a bit distracted.  I blame Pinterest and having time to really explore it this Christmas and I have not been alone as my dear girl spotted things too.  The result,  me and her having lovely play times crafting, when really I should be sorting  out house things.

Our garden chap has chopped back our huge bushes at the front.....they really were a pain sprawling onto the drive and already buds are forming.  He tells me this year the blooms will be a wash out but
then next year it will all have been worth it.   It seems strange seeing the field over them.

So many bulbs waking up in the garden and daffs peaking out here and there...not sure they will like the forecasts of snow expected "soon" I"m told we need frost before the snowdrops and bluebells will appear,  that too is.  apparently on it's way.  Everyone says it is mild but here the last week the heating during the day has been on (much to my DH's disapproval...his body thermostats is obviously set quite a bit higher than mine! ) .  Our oil tank gauge seems to be a constant sign of interest for DH as the moment .. Working out how many litres etc are left...beyond me I'm afraid .must be a man thing!

Friday, 1 January 2016

and so in rolls a New Year..

Happy New Year everyone.  I confess we did stay up to see it in......I can't remember the last year we did to be honest and now I know why ..... Late nights do not suit me especially when pupster woke me at 4am howling like a puppy, I think the wind frightened him and there I was at 4am giving him a cuddle until he was ok to settle again.

Well it has been windy here ,quite scary so I don't blame anyone being afraid.  Little Man has been so frightened so he has been in with me but even then he hasn't slept well, so a nice duvet and pillow has been left on the settee so he can nod off if he wants during the day.

Before storm Frank arrived we did at last get a hour on the beach at Aberporth on Tuesday, by golly it was chilly..Dextie loved it and went into what must of been freezing water...made me shudder to watch.

This is my Christmas Cracker swap from Debi from Busy Little Chickens blog.  The swap was organised by Tracy from Mad about bags blog.  Debi and I chatted over the Internet and this is what she sent me...

I so love Angels 

Beautiful wrapped 
(Funnily I used a similar fabric)

Fabric and cross stitch

Decorations and bookmarks

Another angel and pegs 

Handmade keyring

chocolate and handmade earring

I do not know how Debi fitted all this in the cracker

and then a extra something
a hand covered notebook
With a big spring of Lavender 

Thank you Debi I love it all.xx

Now in my haste to see how many thinks I could fit 
in a kitchen roll I forgot to take pictures!!

You will have to pop over to Debi's to see what 
I sent

Thanks to TRACY for arranging 
such a fun swap.

I am not sure if I mentioned  I was
hoping to join the very local WI 
in the next village.
This morning I received a call inviting me
to the first meeting of the year 
on Monday.
I am really looking forward to it
and will let you know
how it goes.

A really nice start to the New Year ..
Husband's  reply when I told him was
"Oh goody CAKE!!"

On that note
Wishing you all the best year ever.