Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Frazzled and it's only day 1

 Back to school.

As feared I turned into my mother this morning again!  Now I am the youngest of 7 !!!! Yes I. Know 7 !!! so I think my mum was allowed to rant at us all . When I went to school half of my siblings were going to work so mornings were so hectic for mum , 4 going to school and 3 older ones, going to work , only one bathroom, one did she cope ? bless her.  Dad had the right idea he left for work at 5am.!!!Me , I only have two children and this morning Little Man almost came to standstill!!!  As is his way he did EVERYTHING at a snails pace.  I was shattered  before the day had even started!!!! DH and I  had hoped to both take Little Miss to her first day at school, but when Little man's taxi still wasn't here by 8.40am !!! I had to take her by myself.  I got stuck behind the slowest lorry ever and she arrived 10 minutes late, not a ideal start to a new school was it?   Thankfully from today onwards they both are going to and from school by taxi, the schools here are so far apart, hers is 12 miles away and his 19 miles!  Without taxis me and DH would spend hours a day just doing the school run alone!!!  I hope you don't think I'm moaning because I really am not , we would of course drive if we had too but I could use those hours to much better crafting use!!!

Now back to those suitcases again.  Well when we moved I couldn't do much packing because I was in so much pain in my shoulder and neck and was on zombie painkillers.  It was a old injury that I had somehow aggravated and boy it was so bad I did not know what to do with myself.  Poor DH just  couldn't do the packing up and everything else so we had the removal men pack.  Now the suitcase were in my old craft room and yet when I went through them I found all sorts of things from various rooms.  My ink pens had been in the bookcase in the hallway and as you know I found them in the suitcase???? A rag rug  from Little Miss' bedroom ???? Other things too..I am at a loss as to how so many different things ended up in the suitcases, but it was fun finding them again.  I have found a
book that has a lovely pattern for one of my swaps.  Again that was in a suitcase.

 My dear friend Diane (her blog The Cheshire Quilter is on my sidebar) has already finished her Seasons Swap!!!!! I couldn't believe it when I just read her post...... I think I need to make a plan as I have 2 swaps to finish by the 30th .  Diane you have put me to shame !!!!!

So here are here are some of the things I've been reunited with!!!

Halloween panel

Christmas bunting above
And the main panel below

I have hand quilted this 
And there is such a tiny bit to finish..
And I only have 3 months to go
So probably a possible
2015 finish!!!

This I know I did when I was 
About 15, yes 15
So this needs framing
After waiting all these years!!! 

and wash day bunny
I think this will look peachey
In my utility room 

And well this is a surprise
It was knitted by me 
In the winter of 2010
When we got Dextie
The clue is the spots of course

And yesterday we had a lovely 
Bright day
And I couldn't resist
Sharing the 

See you soon



  1. Oh those school day mornings I remember them well, just a far away memory now, I often used to think I sound like my mum :-)

    1. Oh dear, oh dear!!!! I love my mum but !!!! It is chucking it down here and all the dog bedding was getting a nice airing, bother looks like it'll need re washing. Shame about Mrs H...
      Maria x

  2. oh dear - big thoughts and hugs - we've got one who hates going to school - could not get him out of the house today.... 3rd week in a row. And wow for Diane finishing her swap.

    1. Today was heaps better, bit more organised . Little Man has always hated school but apparently loves it when he there, he is just a home bird . Not as bad as when I had to chase him every school morning to get him in the car...think he realised I am no longer a spring chicken!!! Maria x

  3. It looks as though you have been reunited with lots of great things! I hope that the rest of the school mornings will be easier and run a little more smoothly! xx

  4. Better morning today but taxi so late again..give it a few more days maybe they are having teething problems !!! Finding more bits and bobs as I go along, enjoying reliving memories . Maria xx

  5. hello Maria, got your email and glad to hear you got my Halloween parcel. I sent it this early because I have been having problems with parcels going to England. They seem to go missing for weeks on end and finally show up after the fact. That is why it is early. You may not open until the date. I know I am being mean but it is for Halloween. I do hope you like it. big hugs Lynda Ruth and thanks for visiting my blog. I have visited your's and did not know it was your's. Weird right. bye for now

    1. dear Lynda Ruth, I have popped it away, promises !!!! How spooky you have popped by before, I hope you will be back. My hank you again. Maria xx