Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A kerfuffle

When I worked , I always was organised (had to be), my desk was neat, tidy and clean.  Work had a clear desk policy , your desk was supposed to be clear at the end of the day, no one's ever was but at least mine didn,t look like a tip.  Well when I began my project to tidy the annex in my old brain I thought if I called my craft table a "desk" ! I would be methodical again and I would rediscover my old sorted and tidy ways seems to be a perpetual work in progress...even my blogging friend Kimberley said she laughed when she saw it on my post last week.......
 Why I make such a mess when I craft still mystifies me, maybe it is the inner me being a rebel..yes that's a good excuse and I'm sticking with it.  I just seem to spread out and make such a mess......
at least I can shut the door on it at the end of the day!
Yesterday I needed a certain fabric to finish off a swap project and the joy of knowing exactly where it was......happy me...not up physically to a hop and skip but did a little mental one!!. The craft room
now has nothing in the way if the radiators , so when the time comes to turn the heating on we can , so DH happy too about that...the end to the chaos is in sight.

Now what a kerfuffle I had this morning !!.I do so love that word ..he he ..this is how my morning started after the children were collected and off to school...  the washing fairy hasn,t turned up for work since the weekend and so I caught up with that......wormed Dextie , he has to have two tablets and kept spitting them out ....another job for mummy...daddy doesn,t want pupster to get upset!!!!
so that means be being the meany again...then ..

What a performance cleaning and administering ear drops to the pupster's ears is muzzle or anything like that...he is putty in my hands bless him , but he saw those bottles, cotton wool and latex gloves and I have never seen him move so quick!!! He hid under the table and no amount of coaxing with offers of treats...showing him his lead could shift him, so picture the scene......there I am
crawling under the table, banging my head, then having got down there , forgetting the cotton wool,
swearing, getting up,getting the cotton wool, getting down under the table again,banging my head For the second time ...and the pupster moving further under the table and DH splitting his sides with laughter!!! I did get a big lick by pupster after my nursing duties for my efforts......but I have nightly
drops to do too and this for another 6 days!!!! I think tonight I may have to corner pupster in the front escape there..... I went to wash my hands after and looked in the mirror and looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards.......and it wasn,t even 9.30am!!!!

Lovely sewing this afternoon ......just need to do a bit of ironing and wrap it and my season swap will be on it's way.

I have also joined this SAL...I need to get motivated to finish things off......details in my sidebar.

The idea to the SAL is every Friday you dig out one of 
your.  works in progress 
and make some progress with it
and boy do I need too!

The cattle grid already full of leaves...

Dextie after his ear treatment
Looks like it is going to be a long week
for poor old him and me 
Ha ha.

See you soon


  1. Now DH should have been handling the camera instead of laughing, I think it was very mean of him, Sol is happy to have tablets in his food thank goodness :-)

    1. He couldn't of held a camera , he was leaning on the door frame he was laughing so much!!! My turn will come ...xx

  2. sounds like an "interesting" time was had by one and all xx lol

    1. Well DH thought so!!! Not one of my better mornings!!xx

  3. you need to see the school library - the mountains of shelving and you'd be in hysterics right now ;).
    When I scrapbook, I take over the dining room table for weeks...

    1. You make me laugh!!! Only one day to go for you..hope it goes quick. Xx

  4. Nice start of the day! It can only get better :)

    1. It did thankfully today...I am getting too old to be climbing under or over tables for that matter ...ha ha. Xx

  5. Oh dear, I hope that you don't have to do the Dexie Kerfuffle again too often! xx

    1. Me too...he is a typical man dog, a terrible patient!!! Less scratching now so must be working.xx