Thursday, 17 September 2015

That Friday feeling

Thank you from me and Dextie for all the lovely comments yesterday.  He had a great birthday, a new toy that he hasn,t destroyed (yet !!!!) a lovely walk and big swim with daddy on the beach and a big chew later .
In between he was my shadow in the craft room and we had a big 38kilo cuddle at bedtime and my lap and ribs held out!!'!

I am so looking forward to the weekend.  Been another busy week, lots done and lots yet to do .
Yesterday went well in the annex , today I really do think it is going to be a very workable space at last.

I got another e mail from Sewandso, this time offering £2 off the price of tickets for the below show

visiting and quote promotional code FWM15 at the checkout....

So if any of you were intending to go to the show and book in advance another £2 off sounds good, it is valid for 
Both venues , London and Harrogate.

I found this stamp 
made me laugh.

I can only dream !!

This is more like it...!!!!

Jo - Throughthekeyhole is hosting 
a 12 days of Christmas swap 
if anyone wants to join in..
it is international.

My repotting last week has
produced these little surprises

I do so love pansies..

Another snap dragon 
I just love this colour 

and these two pretties.

Told you that compost was good.!!!

See you soon


  1. off to join another swap - yay. Fab swap too.

  2. Great potting xxxx. The sign nutty but nice is very much like me lol xxx Thanks for sharing the swap

    1. Me too and I love squirrel nutkins......the swaps sounds really fun, xxxx

  3. Thank you for mentioning my swap, we're getting more and more people joining in which is great. Glad Dextie had a good birthday, I do wish we lived nearer the coast as Archie loves the beach and going for a swim, he'd love to have his daily walks there. Love that stamp, how true that is.

    1. You are very welcome, Pam mentioned it on her blog and then I found you..happy days...

    2. You are very welcome, found out about it on Pam 's blog, found you....happy days, love your blog too. That stamp so made me smile, glad you liked it too. Archie is so lovely, little miss would just adore

  4. I've joined in with Jo's swap too, I'm sure it will be a good one, I'm anxious to start buying & making gifts but will hold off until I know who my partner is. Your stamps are fab! xx

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