Monday, 31 August 2015


In the suitcases I found this tin
Another big smile because 
It contains my fountain pens.
I thought it had got lost in the 
When I write in my 
diary, planners
And to do lists I love using
Old fashioned ink.
The pens weren,t expensive  but I haven,t
Replaced the one,s I thought I had lost 
So it was nice being re united
And I,m looking forward
To using them again.

I do love piggies
Last month it was my birthday
And I got not one but two surprises
From my husband and the children


They are made by a local artist here and everyone is unique.
I had spotted the piggies
A month or so earlier when we drove past 
But thought nothing of them 
Until on my birthday morning I had 2 very heavy parcels 
To unwrap.

My husband had preserved them 
And will have too again
Probably once or twice a year 
So he was told by the artist 
and when the frost comes 
They will have to be put away 
as otherwise the wood may split.
They stand on big slabs of slate 
Under the apple tree and 
Look very much at home.
The artist is now trying to sell a massive bulldog and
A bear 
My piggies are really heavy so I can only imagine how heavy those
Monsters are..and what to do with them in the 
No I will settle for my two and next birthday maybe 
Another may join them ???
Wink wink!!

I'm pleased some of you were able to take advantage of 
the discount code for Sew and Sew.
I was tempted too
And am looking forward now 
To those endless winter evenings 
And to making some Christmas  
Presents .

I often hear of various discount codes for 
Fabric shops to , when I do I will let you know.

Today we are popping down to Llangrannog to meet up with friends.
I'm looking forward to hearing some gossip 
And how life is back in London.

I can,t believe August is nearly over
I have really enjoyed the summer holidays 
And arriving here in Blogland 
And meeting all you wonderful people


  1. Love your pigs, they look fun, I love silly cows and have a nice collection of them for inside and n the garden. Enjoy your day.

    1. They are cute when I walk pass I just have to give them a stroke....I felt very spoilt and always good to support local artists.

  2. I love their expressions and enjoy weather permitting , having a coffee on the bench looking at them. I mustn't,t start another collection though!!! But if I do at least I didn,t start it lol!!

  3. Your piggies are very cute! Glad you found your pens too and can get writing! xx

    1. Going shopping today for ink and cartridges, sure with start of school there will be loads of forms etc

  4. I love the piggies they are so cute. My DH would love them, he gets piggies from Lily on his birthday. Luckily they are usually a lot smaller than yours ;). Xxxxxx

    1. Isn,t it lovely to do something like Lily always on the lookout!'n xxx

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Maria, and for liking my cards! We have fond memories of Wales where we spent some study leave at St Deniols in Hawarden, and were able to visit quite a bit of the beautiful countryside. Many years ago now, but the memories linger on.

    1. Your cards were lovely , you have so many talents. I hope to explore more when I finally finish unpacking!!! I hope you'll be back xxx

  6. I love the piggies so cute, I have a soft spot for anything made from wood :-)

    1. So good to support local artists, as we know loads of people here can only get reliable work in the holiday season , so not only helping someone in what is obviously a great gift. The other carvings are as tall as me and I'm 5'9!. Xxx

  7. cute piggies. Bit extra extra love for the fabulous mail in my letterbox this afternoon :) . Best part of the day! x

    1. Goody, took a week, now that's good going. Hope you are feeling better honey and the boys too. Xxx