Saturday, 15 August 2015

A happy husband ?

I,m sure like me you have seen those little signs that say " A happy wife means a happy husband (partner), they are usually on fridge magnets too.

Well on route to Cheshire we stopped in Welshpool as a old converted train station (the name of which escapes me..sorry) we were half way to our destination and needed a cuppa , snack and a friend had told me it had lovely little shops.  I didn't,t tell dear hubby about the shops but when I saw we were near he was more than happy to stop for a break.

While we were waiting for lunch to be brought to us I spotted this

A beautiful cushion with a hare on it .  
My husband knows me only too well and after  lunch
bought it for me 
(Lots of earned brownie points !!!)

But I too bought him a gift
(I didn't,t know at that point he had bought the cushion)

As is usual on any new trip for us we had argued about the route and directions !!
So the above plaque had seemed rather fitting
(And I was right by the way!!!)

A fair swap I think !!!
All those who agree say "I" !!!

Whilst in Chester I also bought this

It is a chocolate and berries candle.
I wish you could smell it, it is just so lovely.
When we last went to Chester 4 years ago, 
I bought exactly the same candle then
and it lasted for ages and ages
And another bonus when the candle was used I was left with
the pretty lidded jar which is full of buttons
somewhere in my intended craft room (lol)

I couldn't,t resist this little pretty either.....

I,m not into caravan or camping holidays in the slightest
But I do love the look of vintage 
caravans and old camper vans
And this now is parked on my dresser.

The terrible thunderstorms we were promised never materialised thank goodness,
just  lots and lots of rain and grey skies.
I haven,t even bothered to look at the forecast for today.
Today I am going to begin what I expect will
be a rather long day
beginning to , clean, unpack , tidy
Somehow get a useable craft room.
One where I am not tripping up in or having boxes fall on me.
One where I can find what I'm looking 
for and where I do not keep being distracted 
 by something I see out of the corner of my eye
Or that box that has something written on it that I can,t remember
So just have to open it and investigate!!!

I am not messing , this is going to be a mammoth task!!!
Wish me luck!!!

See you soon 


  1. good luck ... can you hear all the cheering from the sidelines? lol x and OF COURSE he should listen to you ...ALL the time xx

  2. I think he has a condition called "selective hearing" !!! Lol

  3. Love it! You're so funny - I'm not a camper by any strict of the imagination. My idea of roughing it is driving in the car during the summer with no air conditioning - HA! But still love the little caravan. It's adorable.

    1. I'd love a real one ... But goodness knows what I would hoard in that!!! For now I'll just dream and enjoy my little