Friday, 14 August 2015

Nantwich in bloom

We had a few days away last week to refresh.
We decided to stay at Nantwich which for those that are not familiar is in Cheshire in the north part of England
We first visited there about 4 years ago but it was a bit of a flying visit then so we decided to return and explore a bit more this time.

We stayed at this hotel which was re built in 1585!

In 1583 a inn on the same site was destroyed by the great fire of Nantwich which started on the 10th 
December 1583 and destroyed most of the town (I will give some more facts for those  interested over on Tudor Tuesday SAL blog once I have read a book I bought on the subject)

Nantwich was a very important town in Tudor times.  It was used mainly because it was half way between the North of England and Scotland and also Wales.  
As such Elizabeth I knew the town had to be restored at the earliest opportunity and one of the first building restored is what is The Crown where we stayed.  The original Inn was called The Crown and  
I am pleased to report that despite it's age there wasn't,t any spooky goings on!
As with so many of the buildings of the Tudor era this building and those close by look wonky 
and like they would fall down at any time .
The Crown was re built by using "the Queen's wood" which meant Elizabeth sent trees from her own forests to contribute to the re building .

Some ceiling beams, they were huge !

A section of the original wall insides is displayed behind this glass frame

I stood along side this wall and this pictures  still does not show just how bowed out this wall 
was, but as hubby said it,s been here hundreds of year and probably will be here in 
another  hundred years!


See you soon


  1. I love old buildings they knock the spots of the new modern rabbit hutches they build these days :-)

    1. Absolutely, lived in all sorts but old is best.xx

  2. I love Nantwich. The old buildings are beautiful. X

    1. I don,t think this will be my last visit to the area, just love it.xx

  3. it is great to walk by them and think of how many feet have done the exact same route x

  4. Thankfully for once I was wearing "sensible" shoes as my dear old mum would say, but by golly the cobbles are hard on your feet!!! You can almost hear horses hooves clip clopping and picture the goings on !!!!