Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Thinking time

Before I begin I want to say a big thank you for your recent comments.  The ones about the poem I found especially touched my heart.  I hope you liked reading the poem on my previous post. I know my new friends in Australia and New Zealand celebrate Father's Day in September (unlike us that celebrate it in June) I thought some may want to use it for that reason. I think though it fits equally
Well if you change it around a bit and use it for a mother and son.
I do believe in signs like finding the Dad died 31 years ago when I was 17 but I miss
him like it was yesterday.  This isn,t the first time something like this has happened, it hasn't,t happened often but when it does it lifts my spirit and somehow I step back and see the bigger picture or find a answer that up to that point may have eluded me. Friends have told me they find a white feather or see a robin or something similar , that to them that means something and always when they too feel they need a little "lift".......;

Well the project in hand is going well.  I think I've spent at least 20 hours , probably more over the last 4 days in there. What started out as one enormous chore is now becoming a labour of love !!!!
I haven,t been disturbed , just left on my own.  My husband is retired so it seems that I rarely have time just to be on my own and just think.   I have pottered around, cleaned when I can, been ruthless  even! I have my throw it, donate it and recycle it bags and feel good !  It's been a real trip down memory lane finding things I had forgotten and things I can,t even remember buying or being given to me.  But most of all I have had time to think.  Time to be me and not just Maria or mum, and I am liking that feeling and must in the future carve some time out for "me". I realise when family life took over and all the packages that comes with it , it was so easy to forget about making time for me and I think this little haven of mine is going to be the place to make that time.

I hung the cross stitches out to air as advised and it worked , they smell so much better no smell at all
in fact.  I have a confession.  The pixies was not as dirty as I thought. I really am a dum dum!!! (Lol)
I went through the bag and found it was stitched on cream not white! Yes I know , makes quite a difference.  Yet again I have had words with myself!  The alphabet bears looked better than I thought in daylight they both are

In glorious sunshine too, even better

I think both are worth finishing 
Especially as little man 
has asked me too
He likes the pixies too now !

Some before and after pictures

Everywhere was like this!

And now

Haven,t found the table yet"

Another finish

Do you remember Bill and Ben the flowerpot men?
Here they are on the top shelf 
Keeping a eye on me 
(Welcome back boys I had forgotten all about you!!)

Just to the top right of the picture is 
"Northern Bear"
My dear man is from
"Up north"
And when you press bears tummy
it says 
"Come on gorgeous , give us a kiss!"
In a northern accent
Had him years too 
And he always makes me giggle, now he looks 
Quite happy too.

Not too much planned for today.  I am giving my poor old back and neck a rest. 
Rain forecast and has already started!
Might, just might , have a look at the pixies 
We'll see.

See you soon


  1. Gosh you look like you have been busy! I agree it is nice to finish work in progress, I sometimes feel like they are new projects it is that long since I started them!
    Thankyou for the comment on my Rose Pincushion.

    Happy stitching!

    1. Your pin cushion is just so pretty and your blog too.
      I think I am going to have very busy winter evenings when it arrives, though today it felt like Autumn already! Xxx

  2. You've been very busy !!
    I love your cross stitch embroidery.

    1. Thank you dear Pilar xxx. These two brought back lots of memories , hope I don,t let my little man down and finish them to do the pattern justice.

  3. Just found your blog and your room could be my sewing studio come whatever room! Even down to the same bag in it and I also have one flower pot man! Not sure if it is Bill or Ben....It is such hard work clearing and trying to see an end in sight, but looks like you are making good to go and read some more.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, lovely hearing from you and all the lovely people out there, hope you'll be back.

      Maria xx

  4. while it is important to find the balance between hobbies and spending time with the family ... it is even more important to have time for YOU... and that makes the other two more important .. and FUN xx

    1. Life does seem like a balancing act at times doesn't, it. I know when this job is done I am going to be one happy bunny. My sweet girl can,t wait until i "find" the table and she can do her art therapy in there. Xx happy days

  5. Sounds as though you are doing really well and enjoying the sorting and the challenge and results that it is bringing. I hope that you can keep enjoying all of that! xx

    1. Dear Amy, I am a girl on a mission! Lol. Nice to take a rain check today (and it was raining AGAIN) , spent a hour sorting ribbons and just making a mental list on what to do next there. Your comments are so kind, thank you. Maria xxx

  6. Well done Maria, It looks fab! I can well imagine the hours it took to sort always does. But, you have achieved so much already and as you say some thinking time is time for you xx

  7. Thank you honey, you know "in the flesh " just how bad it was!!!! Getting there another 5 hours