Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Apparently I am the Queen of Trivia!!!!

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago the new blog Tudor Tuesday SAL has arrived and there is a little quiz there if you love the Tudor era and fancy a bit of fun.  I did it and apparently I am The Queen of Trivia!!!!! Well being a Londoner born and breed I would have had to give myself a strict talking to if I had got any questions wrong wouldn't,t I?  I have loved everything Tudor for as long as I can remember.  We lived about 6 miles from Greenwich, South London and from being very small my dear old dad took me and my siblings there lots and lots .  The Queen's House in Greenwich park was a popular place to visit and Greenwich also has the famous Cutty Sark tea clipper ship, great flea markets and also a large craft market, so we always had something to go and see .  Another favourite was walking in the tunnel that goes under the Thames to the Isle of Dogs where I believe Henry VIII had the kennels for his hunting dogs, hence the name.  I also went to school in Greenwich and walked  to school over Blackheath, again famous for being a huge burial site for victims of the plague.

Well I did promise to post the goodies I received in the recent Dishcloth swap from Kimberley's blog Creative Chaosnz, BUT, those pictures are on my phone and my SIM is playing up so I am waiting for the new SIM and hopefully will then be able to post...sorry.

I have been busy since getting back from our little break, Dexter is no longer giving us "that look"..I think we are forgiven !!! Don,t you hate unpacking and the washing that goes with coming home, I know I do.

Anyway , yesterday I finished off these 

Everyone seems to be making fabric baskets and I am no different.
They are very addictive and make up in just over a hour or so.  I  plan to make a few more to use to keep my WIPS in.  I am hoping if I keep the baskets near my armchair , they look pretty whilst prompting me to get some projects finished.

I had a good look around the garden and the sun was shining yesterday and today (hooray) and noticed at long last some of shrubs and flowers are finally in flower another hooray

The hydrangeas are so beautiful and don,t even seem real when you touch them.  
I have so many clusters I cut lots and have them dotted around the house in big jugs, just so pretty.
Last year I even air dried some and they turned the most subtle shade of duck egg blue.

Well the farmer is cutting hay in the field next to us so I must go and close the windows otherwise I will be sneezing for the rest of the day.

See you soon

Maria xx


  1. I found you :-) great to see you have joined blog land, I love your little baskets so sweet :-)

  2. Queen of Trivia, eh? Hats off to you, Queen Maria! Loved reading of your Greenwich memories. And those fabric baskets are so sweet. I haven't tried my hand at making any of these - I think they would take me more than an hour;0)

    1. Go on Kim! The first basket took a bit longer but they are not tricky and I like simple!!!!! I wish I was a queen wouldn't,t have to do housework then!!! Xxx

  3. you are more than welcome to sew me one of the fabric baskets any day :). I love hydrangeas - ours are looking pretty dead due to frost.

    1. You make laugh......wished I could send you a bunch of hydrangeas to cheer you up with your miserable weather. Xx

  4. All hail the Queen of Trivia - well done, my dear!

  5. P.S. I meant to say how much I love the dilly bags you made.

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