Friday, 28 August 2015

New to preserving...?? This lady knows her stuff...

as harvest time approaches......

Whether you are new to preserving or have some,left overs  , Dawn over at this great blog
Has over her last few posts explained the very serious/dangerous pitfalls of not getting preserving right.  She has posted great advice in a very down to earth , understandable sort of way, (well I think so ) and posted tutorials and some lovely recipes.   I must admit I,m not into preserving or haven,t been up to now , but I know if I had had a go I would of got it very wrong, so please have a look and even if  preserving is not your thing , her recipes alone always look  scrummy.  Dawn and her husband have a smallholding , animals and the goings on that occur there make for good reading .  In fact I think she must have the energy of an ox , I wish she could bottle that and share it! Dawn also has a linked craft blog too, as I said worth visit when you can.

We inherited miniature Apple trees, a old apple tree
And a pear tree when we moved
This little lot we picked from the miniatures today
Please don,t ask me what they are
We haven,t a clue
(But they smell lovely) 
DH has promised me a apple crumble tomorrow
Yummy just yummy!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the last couple of posts.  The school uniform is done
much to little man's disgust!! He protests how much he hates school but apparently he enjoys it when
he is there.  He makes me laugh when he lays in bed until 8.30ish every day just to make sure it would be too late for him to go to school (even if it is during school holidays. ) He obviously has a plan and I can,t help smiling and up to now haven,t burst his bubble of  what he thinks is his victory in not going to school!!!
I don,t know why but these holidays I have been up with the lark, but have so enjoyed those hours
when the house it quiet, I can post or blog read and just have a coffee in peace.  DH asked what
I'm going to do when the children are back at school and we return to the usual running around like headless chicken sort of mornings? I don,t know but am sure not looking forward to it that's for sure.
Little Miss is still a little quiet.....keeps checking things over and over with me, but I,m taking her the first day and she seemed relieved at that.  It seems such a milestone...where does time go?

Today I found the table in the annex...but then emptied the dining room so lost it again!!!  It was a little bit like 2 steps forward and 4 back but even little Miss spent some time in there today listening
to hits of the 80's with me .  So today was a bonus as I didn,t think I would do the annex today and tomorrow more time,in there., but the best bit lovely time laughing , joking and mummy and daughter time !

Well I must be on a roll, two posts in one day!!! But the preserving thing is SOOO important.

                  See you soon .xxxx


  1. Thank you very much Dotty, I do hope one day we will meet up perhaps I can convert you to preserving a few easy things :-)

    1. It is written in the stars!!! We will meet up I,m sure. I think you are sort of sowing the converting seed already....very scary!!! Maria xx

  2. I'm defiantly popping over for a look at the blog as I love preserving jams and chutneys.
    I know what you mean about the morning being lovely and quiet. That all changes for me on Tuesday as Lily's off to summer school, so the hectic mornings return. Xxxx

    1. It just goes so fast Melanie doesn,t it? I Know now I sound like my mother on school mornings and that is scary!!! Hope school goes well for Lily. Maria xxx