Saturday, 29 August 2015

Cross stitch bank holiday offer

A new e mail popped up today and I know so many of you lovely people stitch and I thought you might be interested.

This company sell charts, kits, material, you name it they have a great selection. So when I saw they
are  offering a 10% discount this bank holiday weekend..the discount code is BANK10., I thought I'd let you all know.I have found this company really good and they despatch really quick., usually I receive my order the next day!

This little sign I have had for years
She was hung up yesterday
And I always smile 
When she is in residence!

Well today I'd rather like to be doing a bit of this
Dexter having a good itch 
Yesterday whilst we we about to 
Pick the apples



I have this to finish!

My dining room.
It looked like this on Monday 
And isn,t quite that bad now
( I hope you don,t think I never clean or tidy my home!!!)
It,s just I like to spread out when 
I'm crafting.

If I finish it today my reward
........Apple crumble
One of my few pudding vices!

Well this won,t get anything done

Back soon



  1. I use them a lot didn't know about the offer so I'm off to have a shop with the discount code. Have a fantastic weekend. Xxxxx

    1. I thought that was was a good discount, hope you found some lovelies. Maria xx

  2. Glad to read you re rewarding yourself after all the progress you are making, it will a great satisfying feeling when you get it unpacked :-)

    1. Just finished for today, table now set up and now have things going on for another few days but this time next week ???? Fingers crossed !!!!! Crumble looks lovely , he is a good boy , oh and he has made loads of Apple sauce now in the freezer....see , you must have a magic Maria xxx

  3. I use Sew and So too.. so fast to NZ! Loved your cross stitch patterns, so might see if they have those ones too. We bottle stewed apple all the time and make apple pies quite a bit.

    1. I didn,t need to by any stretch of the imagination but I ordered my wish list!!! I look at it as my reward for hard work or something !!!! Lol....Maria xx

  4. Hmm Apple crumble I so love this pudding .
    Love your header .
    You should see my craft room oh boy it is in a mess but it is my mess , my husband was watching a program the horders and said to me thats you ha. Have a happy day.

    1. Thank you, as you know I love your blog. When I worked I was so tidy and organised but I can,t seem to help it when I,m crafting, must be a alto ego or something!!! Oh and my hubby says if I don,t mend my ways he is signing me up for the next series of hoarders!!!! Maria xx

  5. Apple crumble is a lovely vice! I like your sign, I think that applies to me too! xx

  6. Hope you are feeling better. The crumble was yummy and looks like the trees will have more apples for us soon too. All your books Amy, wow you are going to be busy in a lovely way. Maria xx

  7. Thanks for the info. I always buy from Sew and So as my orders arrive in about three days (to Spain) off to have a look... or should I?

    1. You are very welcome, I was tempted and somehow a few on my wish list made into my basket, now how did that happen.???? Maria xx

  8. Apple crumble, did you say?? Yum.... I am on my way!! :)

  9. Big smiles 😊 well the forecast here today is rain and more crumble, one out of two isn,t too bad. Maria xx