Sunday, 16 August 2015

Nothing but the kitchen sink!

After spending 6 hours moving, picking up, filling 3 bags of rubbish
this is all I had too show for all the hard work..

Yes the kitchen sink.!!!!!

But it is the kitchen sink in the craft room
and the last time I saw it was when we viewed the house
22 months ago.
When we moved the removal men put so many boxes on top of it 
I just couldn't,t see it.
I probably need to explain why my craft room has a sink!

Well the intended craft room is in the former garage.

When the previous owners converted it 
they put a spare kitchen in there.
(I think they may have had ideas of a holiday let??!)
So I'm hoping to escape 
To this little cubby hole to create 
one day, 
(without  being disturbed.)

Well that's the plan.!!!!!!

Today I spent another six hours in there.

At least I found a socket to plug in some music today
that helped a bit

I don,t feel like I have made much progress to be honest.
The fabric is now all together , buttons and trims too.
Even the books are in one bookcase
but not in any order.
So I suppose I have made a tiny dent in it
after all.
I sorted out a bag of donations for the childrens schools
when they go back too.

Tomorrow and Tuesday 
the little ones are at summer camps
so 2 more days this week I can spend undisturbed
sorting, the  the rest of the week
the children can have my undivided attention and hopefully some fun.

My beans and tomato plants didn't,t perish with the downpours, 
in fact the beans (as beans do) have thrived with all
the rain.

I've even got a tub of free potatoes too
curtesy of the wormery.

only this single tiny pear ...pitiful!

Lots and lots of apples
Then I spied this beauty hiding ,
She smells beautiful
But as we inherited her I have no idea of her name.

The Sun has been shinning all day
Maybe  it has been a
productive day
after all.

See you soon .xx


  1. Gosh it sounds like an awful lot of work that you have there, but well worth it I am sure. Having some music to work to makes all the difference doesn't it! xx

    1. I worked out we have moved 8 times and that's a lot of "collecting" , music certainly helped!

  2. That's my job tomorrow. Reclaiming my craft room, which was the garage too. It was turned into the dumping ground for all the furniture whole we decorated. Alas some never made it back, its meeting its doom tomorrow. 😀
    Hope you get yours finished soon. Have a lovely time with the children. Xxx

    1. We are girls on a mission then !!!! Yesterday I felt like getting a skip and shovel lol......when I see the before and after phot's is know it will all of been worth it. Xxx

  3. Thank I must admit a few sounds of the 80's made it easier, I think I'll find progress when I can see the carpet again!!!

  4. Way to go, Girl! You'll get there - and who knows what treasures you'll find on your craft room as you sort and organize!?

  5. Another 6 hours gone in a flash. My new mantra is "never ever hoard Or move again!!!! Xxx

  6. seems as if you are getting "somewhere" x and all the parts that have been sorted... will not have to touched again for a while xx Glad to see that the garden was not washed away xx

  7. I dont envy you, I am still sorting my craft room and trying to find homes for everything, it is good to re-acquainted with old friends again :-)

  8. You are so right, it is hard knowing where to put things, like moving twice .:-)