Sunday, 30 August 2015

Not as much progress as I hoped...

the morning started really well.....

I cleared the table both in the dining room and annex, wow I thought I'm on a roll! But no. As is one of my naughty habits I get distracted , and this time I got distracted big time!!!

First hubby was back and forth as he was asking about Apple sauce making and was I sure I wanted crumble and not Apple pie.  After the third visit I gave him my "go away" look and he was not seen again in my sanctuary for the rest of the day !!!

Then memories of Kent....
Well we had a fantastic charity shop in a posh bit of town that always had great China etc.  one day I saw two suitcases, they looked 1970,s era but looked like new and smelt fresh and new too and we're going cheap and as I often do I had a plan to store fabric in them day!  Anyway when they came here they had been placed in the back room of the annex .  Yesterday I decided I would gets the new scented satchels out, the suitcases and put the fabric into the suitcases.  Well I didn,t think there was anything to note in either, but boy there was and what a lovely hour I had going through them.

First I found Mrs Puddleduck tin.
Now I bought her at a boot fair over 5 years ago.
I have a matching China spoon too and
just thought the tin was empty
It still had the price on it 75p.

When I opened it , it was stuffed with
Bubble wrap


When I removed it I found these.

These plates are about 2 inches 
In diameter

Mickey and friends 
Are plastic 
But have great details

All the rest of these 
Creatures are

Lots and lots of little miniatures,
I felt a little sad 
It must of been a child's 
Secret treasure box one day.
I hope they decided to 
Sell it and some grown up 
Didn,t do a clear out 
Without them knowing.

I found 
Lots more WIP's 

And vintage bits and bobs 
I'll share another time (or two!!)

But I filled both suitcases
Again such a distraction...
Some fabrics from 
Dresses belonging to 
Little Miss 
As a baby 
That I just loved the fabric of and just 
Had to keep..

I have placed lovely scented sachets inside 
To keep everything fresh 
And moth free.

And I even managed to 
Lay out the craft table 
So not a completely wasted few hours .

Do you ever buy something second hand 
And wonder about it's previous life
Or is it just me?

Hope your weekend 
Is everything you're hoping for 

See you soon


  1. great treasures! That was a good distraction methinks.

    1. The distractions now are getting better and better all the time, now big smiles instead of big sighs. Xxmaria

  2. A great days work there! The little treasures in the tin are so lovely, kind of sad too, but they will have found a good home with you I imagine! xx

    1. I hope they have,I'm have found one of those little shelves and am going to put them in that , I think they will enjoy sunlight again instead of being in the box for years. Xxxx

  3. Hello Maria,

    How lucky to find all those tiny treasures in the box, the plates are very sweet. Lucky you to find storage for the fabrics, it does look enticing. Now if things could talk in op-shops imagine the amazing tales that would be told.

    Happy days.

    1. Thank you. Xxx I tried various ideas for the fabric , but was conscious of sunlight, moths and I don,t like plastic boxes much. Now when I'm in there I can open the lids and look ....I never get fed up of fabric and I don,t want to sort into colour groups because I love the random way they are. Maria xxx