Saturday, 1 August 2015

A lazy Saturday

A lazy Saturday afternoon

The week has gone so quick, 2 weeks of the summer holidays gone already!

Yesterday, Dexter, my sweet boy and me decided to have a play in the front garden.  It wasn't very warm but for a while at least the rain had stopped.  My garden at the front has a little stream running under it and it is so soggy with all the recent rain , but I love being out the front looking down the lane

Up the lane

And then whilst I was busy taking photos , this happened.........

Oh no!ball in the cattle grid !

Dexter's expression made me laugh so much!  He knows he isn't allowed over the cattle grid 
 grinds to a halt when he gets to it, but he loves that ball.........what is a pupster to,do ???

I climbed back over to see this, can he get it without getting on the grid ?!!!!!'

And told him to fetch, one happy pupster again.   

Then I thought I,d have a look in the back garden, our flowers seem to be suffering in the very wet weather , but the view was clear 

The apples are getting big on the old apple tree and some lovely flowers

Looking forward to lots of apple crumbles and apple pies  yum yum .

See you soon 

Maria x


  1. poor pooch! its not easy being a dog xx lol

  2. It really was so funny, the noises he was making....he is the funniest boy!!!lol xxx

  3. Poor baby! But it does make you smile, doesn't it?

  4. Dear Kim , he is such fun, always making me smile with things he gets up to or tries to!!