Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Meet Miss Mouse

Needing a little cheering up.

Last week my beautiful sweet girl was looking a little low, so to cheer her up we had a girly day.  I felt a bit of shopping, lunch and treats were called for.  High school is looming , lots of changes of people and places and losing the comfort of primary school where everything and everyone was familiar. We didn't venture far, just to Aberaeron.  It was quite busy, lots of holiday makers.  We ordered new school ties , chatted a bit, had lunch and then a wander.

One of sweet girl's favourite shops is called "Box of delights" which it usually is. The sort of shop that sells gifts, candles and funky wellies and clothes.  We had a few small gifts to purchase for forthcoming birthdays and at the till we spotted this little beauty.

She is quite small about 5 inches
Her own little ribbon scarf
And necklace
And the cutest big eyes 
That the photo doesn't do justice to.

She is on a key fob .That face is adorable.
So she ( she has yet to be given a name)just had to come and live with us.
She is part of a collection of different 
cute animals 
And I think there may be more additions 
To sweet daughter's new collection over time!!!

And just to make sure my girl was really 
A happy bunny again
She choose this

A cute little bag , she has chosen to put 
all her art therapy books 
and special pens and pencils in it.

We finished our little trip eating ice creams 
looking  at the harbour.
Just perfect.
Happy hearts, souls and tummies.
Retail therapy worked for us !!

See you soon 


  1. How nice a girly day out to lift the spirits, I am sure she will settle into a new school fine and before long will be one of the big girls :-)

    1. Thank you Dawn, I showed her your comments (she knew who you were straight away) and I even saw a little smile. Maria xx

  2. nothing like a bit of retail therapy to lift the spirits xx

    1. Apparently like mother like daughter according to Daddy!!!

  3. The mouse and the bag would certainly cheer her up.

    1. Thank you Gracie. Xxx she keeps asking when we have to pick up her new school ties but I think she has a plan!!!!!

  4. So pleased you had a wonderful Mummy and daughter day out. Miss you both xxx