Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A little bit of Chester

A bit more for the stash and a few more irresistibles

I love Chester! I've now been twice and still haven,t seen all I want to.  I love the buildings, the history, the shopping oh and the cakes!

Now I am not a pudding or chocolate
Sort of girl, give me a sausage roll 
Any day of the week
I had the above and it was

My beautiful girl had this
And little man 
He had ice cream
Nothing fancy for him
And my DH
Well he has a strawberry gateau 
Sort of thing and he had half eaten it by the time I got my camera out 
So no picture I'm afraid!!!

A postcard , my DH  took some
Photos but it was busy
And you couldn,t see this very well
As there were loads of 
People in the way.
The postcard gives a better view

A couple of fabrics for Christmas 

Mr Rooster

I was delighted to find this. 
I have the panel but for some reason 
Didn,t get the fat quarter
But found it in Chester 

Little man has adored sheep ALL 
His life and when I 
Found these I couldn,t resist 
Now what to make him..decisions , decisions!!!

And then

I just loved this fabric
And just got it .
Couldn,t resist

The below ribbon too
That just says it all
(Lol , sums me up to a tee!!)

And a bit of hocus pocus

I had no Halloween stuff at all so 
As I have a Halloween swap to get on with VERY 
Some ribbon

A little something to inspire me..

I know my secret
Swap partner won,t be looking 
So I can share.

Some more Chester

More postcards

Well the last couple of days have  whizzed by.  We saw Minions at the cinema on Monday...
Little man laughed and laughed
Lots of popcorn and some weird coloured blue 
Ice drink for Little Miss
Pizza at nearby pizza restaurant,
Took a wrong turn on the way home but saw some beautiful 
Sunshine (yes sunshine..where did that come from !!!)
And Carmarthen countryside
Always nice to do a detour!!!
the rest of the day spent 
relaxing...just a perfect day.

Yesterday ALL the paperwork done, filed, posted ..yippee
How I detest paperwork.
Letters and cards  written and sent too!

And I even made this 

A little hand pieced pin cushion 

And found this
I know I did this whilst on holiday in Cyprus 
In 2012!
Onto the ever increasing pile of 
WIP's it goes !!!

And I love making 
Scissor fobs 
(Probably because I seem to be forever losing scissors down the side of my arm chair!!)
This little sweetie 
Is of the story of the gingerbread man
I used charms including the cow and goose 
All mentioned in the story.
I am getting a little collection going
in fact!
I will share some more 
I have made in future posts.
After all a crafter just can,t have too many scissors or pin cushions 
Can she ????

Well on that happy note
I'll finish now

See you soon



  1. Oh Chester looks delightful! What incredible buildings and history! Love all the goodies you bought and the sweet pincushion too. The Guess how much I love fabric is so adorable.

    1. Dear Kimberley, hope you are feeling better. It really is a lovely place and shops to die for!! I think that fabric is one of my favourite ever ! Maria xx

  2. Been to Chester before :) Did you walk along the ramparts?? It's lovely :)
    Love your latest fabric & ribbon stash!

    1. i did and didn,t know they were called that!!!! Everywhere the building look so wonky! Maria xx