Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Some pretty things......

Some pretty things

Last week I had some shopping to do, nice shopping that is , not the boring weekly shop where I pace aisles looking for inspiration !  I headed over to Cardigan , the boys needed haircuts so me and my sweet girl decided to leave them to it and have a look around by ourselves.  We agreed a time to meet back at the car and set off.  I had a little list as one does when they live in the countryside.  I had a gift to buy for my friend's son , some sewing bits, interface, bias tape and zips, a new dress for my sweet girl too.  Well soon I had big ticks next to all the above items on my list however..........whilst completing my list I saw a pretty bowl in a charity shop window.  Now I promised myself (and my dear husband) no more "bits"!!!!when we moved , my "bits" as he calls them had taken days and days alone to wrap and pack .  I have stopped (though I hope it is just a temporary stop lol) going into antique shops, charity shops and flea markets and boot fairs because I alway see something that wants me to adopt it!!!!! I can,t help it, honest!

Anyway we stood outside admiring the bowl and I convinced myself it would chipped and cracked.  My sweet girl shook her head and said it looked I wouldn't be lead astray...but if we finished shopping and it was still there on the way back to the car, then.....maybe I could have a look ,just a look.  Of course it was still there on the way back.  Now I love flowers and I thought it would be chipped but it wasn't, it was like new, and cheap as a bag of chips (lol) .  With a giggle I payed for it and hid it at bottom of my bag.  No need to confess to dear husband too soon.

Here it is


my sweet girl spotted these is a lovely craft shop a few shops away

I love candles and butterflies and these sparkle too, so pretty.

What is a girl to do ?!!!!!!!!!

Yep, you guessed are now sitting happily on my old dresser, looking very much at home in my summer display (I will try to get a picture but it is so dark and overcast at the moment)
And the best part is dear husband hasn,t noticed their arrival. I love that man !!

Until next time.     



  1. well..... if they were there when you returned ..THEY WERE MENT TO COME HOME WITH YOU xx .. enjoy them x

  2. Lol - you're so much like me. I love antiques and "Pretties" - if I walk by/into one of those shops, I always find something I can't live without

  3. I do try to be good honest!!xxx I just love lovely things, what is a girl to do....??????

  4. To my dear friend Maria,
    I am absolutely loving your blog! It is so lovely. My favourite post was the one about 'old faithful' - it was sentimental and that is like me. I knew you would be good at your crafting but how come I didn't know just how brilliant you really are? Seeing pics of the craft items you have made ... well, literally they took my breath away because you are so talented.
    And despite us sharing many moments in our lives over the last few years, the good and the not so good, I never knew you loved the Tudor era!! For me it has to be the 1940's.
    Well, from now on I shall be a devoted blogee and will regularly log in to see your latest work and musings.
    Take care and keep stitching.
    Love you, from Julia xxx

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