Saturday, 22 August 2015

Having a rummage....

I have come to the unfortunate conclusion I am a hoarder!  I must repent!

Heavens only knows why I have kept tiny amounts of trims, ribbons, awful buttons, awful material, patterns I will NEVER make, the list goes on.  De cluttering always feels good especially when it is going to a good cause.  My kids schools (I expect there are many) don,t any any significant budget for arts and crafts which I think is such a shame.  I think having time to make and create something unique be it a picture, ornament or craft something be it from fabric , clay etc is good for the soul and for kids I think on the whole they love it.  It must be so difficult for teachers if they want to do a project but they just do not have the materials.  Over the last few days I have now got 2 big bin liners, one for each school, full of lots of materials and also a bag each of scraps which I know they used for models and the like .

My back and neck felt better after 2 "days off" and as it was raining yet again I disappeared into the annex again for another 5 hours yesterday. I kid you not another 2 rubbish bags and old cardboard and paper. Getting there.

Dexter last week on the beach
Sunshine too!
Even he is fed up with the rain now
And refuses to go for a tiddle unless 
We go with him!!!

Sweet Dexter has been keeping me company, although there hasn't,t been a lot of room for him to stretch out whilst I have been working away , but I love his company, even when he snores, and every now and then reminding me to get a breath of fresh air...

Forget me nots 

Snap dragons 

Runner beans , 

More grey skies and rain

I am a little confused 
The forget me nots usually bloom in 
In spring, that purple flower too
And the snap dragons are blooming again too
What is happening???

I haven't done any sewing for days , which is quite unusual for me.  Instead I have caught up with my blog reading and hopefully replied to all you lovely people who have left me comments.  I hope I
haven,t missed anyone.

Today as it is too wet to do anything nice, the kids are saying they just want to watch movies and go on the iPads, so back in the annex, might as well do something productive when the weather means there isn,t much else we can do like go outside..

I have heard about another Christmas swap which I will share next time and it's international so all you lovely friends over the sea and far away can join in too if you want..yippee.

                                                                   See you soon


  1. I think we are all hoarders .. of something xx AND when you go looking it means you can always find something to use xx My youngest grandsons school LOVES it when I have a clear out as they get all the "BITS AND BOBS" xx ... soo another reason to "keep" items that will .. come in useful x It has been beautiful here .. until about 30mins ago NOW its poring down .. again! Keep safe x

    1. You are right but I should still repent. I think another 2 days and it might just might be done. Taken so long because nothing put away without ""I'll use it or love it!!!" Xx

  2. Hi, this is Boris the handsomest dog's Mum here. Just catching up after our holiday. Will be adding you to my blog list.

    1. Thank you Maureen.x your boy's blog is so unique, made me laugh, keep up the great posts. Hope all went well at the doggy hotel, my boy sulked for a couple of days but he is ruined!!! When he came home.

  3. I also keep fabrics, buttons, ribbons, threads, scissors, thimbles .... Welcome to the club!

  4. You are doing so well on the sorting and the schools will appreciate your donations I am sure! As for the flowers, well, how odd! I think that the snapdragons might actually be penstemons which are still flowering now, but as for the forget me not - well! xx

  5. It really is strange, the red ones bloomed already in spring, don,t mind though they are so pretty. Dare I say it I'm quite enjoying getting tidy been a slog though. Xxx