Friday, 31 July 2015

Old Faithful

Old dear faithful....time for a new one

When I was at school many, many moons ago, the first thing I ever made with a sewing machine was this......

Have you guessed? It is a needle case and I seem to remember it took about 4 lessons to make.  Every bit of stitching on it is truly awful whether it is the machining or hand sewing but I still love her.

I was 11 when I made her and had loved sewing for what seemed like forever , but unfortunately my mum and sisters hated anything involving using a needle. I was never encouraged to explore my interest and made do with using scraps lying around to make little things for my dolls.  When secondary school included weekly Needlework lessons I still remember being so excited . I don,t remember any of my friends sharing my enthusiasm !!!!

Over the years , old faithful has never been far away.  Many sewing adventures, good and bad we
have "shared.

Lots of pricked fingers, sighs of happiness and exasperation, things created and mended.  We have had many house moves , many holidays from home and thankfully I have never lost or mislaid her.

However there comes a point when everything gets a bit old and in old faithful's case "tatty", sad but true.  So for the only second time in my life I decided time for a new faithful.  Yesterday my new faithful was finished and here she is.  A bit of machining and hand stitching.  Not my best sewing effort ever, but I love it.  I used English paper piecing for the front then added pretty things like
buttons , lots of fabric for pins and needles inside, a bit of lace here and there, a few charms, a new pair of scissors and scissor fob and a mouse pin cushion , bought I'm afraid , but oh isn't it cute!?   I made this case big because I use lots of different types of needles .  I also had to include a big pocket
so I could put my dear old faithful in so she can continue my sewing adventures with me.
Maybe I am being daft and sentimental , but I couldn,t put her in a old sewing box and forget about her.  To someone else , old faithful is worthless but she means so much to me. I have had old faithful
For over  35 years and I would not want to be without her. I'm sure I am not alone in loving something you have crafted with for many years, needles and hooks handed down to you, a old sewing machine (I have one of those too!) something you just can't bare to be parted with?

Here is old faithful II.  Ta dah....

Old faithful's new pretty home.

See you all again very soon.