Saturday, 31 October 2015

Run for your life!!!!!

and little Mr Mouse did!!!! He was in the trap and although camera was poised , he was an Olympic mouse!!!! He made one attempt to leap out of the crate I put the trap in to transport him , failed , a second later tried again and it must off been 15 times higher than he I kid you not !! And bingo he  was free......
this is one of my favourite lanes where we live and this is his new home...(3 miles from home so let hope he isn't a super duper sprinter too and has a hopeless sense of direction') looks like he is going to have a lot of neighbours !! I have let the traps out, just in case he did have mates!!! But this morning I am happy to report they have not been sprung.

Mouse holes everywhere!!
So he should be at home.

Thanks for all the recent comments, I so enjoy reading all  the comments.  I seem to have been a bit slow on my blog reading and commenting , but I hope to really catch up soon.  I also need to do some. Blog Housekeeping a few buttons to this is a busy swap time,of year.

Well life here is never dull...I seem to always have a little adventure on the go one way or another!!!!
On the way to release mouse I had a pheasant on one of the lanes , he was walking down the middle
of the lane ,  and the lanes up to the main road except the one where I released him are single track.

He was strutting his stuff, , beautiful colours  so I admired him for a few seconds , then started
hooting  the horn ,  speeding up to him, windscreen wipers spraying screen wash !!  no he wasn't
going to budge . Then his hen joined him, obviously wanted to join in the fun .In the end much to my
daughter's delight I , in absolutely pouring rain had to chase them into the hedge. I must of looked
such a funny sight as when I got back in the car soaking wet, Little Miss was laughing so much her
eyes were full of tears , she was laughing so much she couldn"t speak!!!! I'm glad someone found it funny!!!  At the weekend the same thing happened when we were out

that time they didn't want to play
And did move

Well we had a morning together in Cardigan my sweet girl and I .   After  breakfast in our favourite coffee shop ,  we again in pouring rain , wandered about and did some shopping for some of the swaps, a couple of birthdays and some bits Little Miss fancied for her projects.  She also spotted this in a charity shop window and squealed "can I have it
mummy? It's Mr Mouse and his wife!!( under my breath I muttered something like "I hope not ", you
get my drift ha ha ha, it wasn't that polite!!!)  ! I hope Mr Mouse wasn't Mrs Mouse and has left her
offspring.  behind !!! Anyway I gave her the money and waited , watching , as she went in the shop,
asked and showed the assistant what she would like, waited, paid, put it carefully in her bag and
returned with the receipt and change.  It is so easy to preempt kids with special needs, do everything for them, and it is hard but I am standing back more and more ...setting her( especially) "free",  letting her just be her own person, make her own choices things herself , for herself, it is hard probably for both of us , but we are getting there.

Can you believe the coincidence?
I must admit I did laugh
the caption on it reads
"Caring and sharing, making happiness grow"
How apt to find it
today of all days...
It now has a little place in sweetheart's room 
she loves it!
I wonder if in years to come she will
remember "mr mouse"
And the pheasant...I hope so.

Today is a stay at home day...we have lots planned, pumpkin carving, Halloween decorating (a bit)
and some Little Miss crafting.

When I got home yesterday two magazines had arrived...I have the 2012 version, haven't seen a 2013 version, was there one? Don't know...and now have the 2014 and 2015 copies.  I can sit for hours reading these .  Loads of charts and ideas for finishing projects.

Squirrel, sheep and a bunny brass buttons.

I also got 3 new buttons (probably for Spring projects ) for when I am bored with Christmas sewing
And a pattern from Madame Chantilly, well a set of 6 patterns to be precise.  I have never sewn her charts before, they are little and I mean little and may be do able in a evening easily (says she the woman constantly with works in progress!!!!)

I did more sewing on the panel again and this is what I call "lovely, happy sewing" I know I am
smiling away as I stitch.  This is the focus of my attention I think  for now.

Well fingers crossed , a couple of mice and pheasant free days, is it only Wednesday???? The clocks are all right now, DH has to do the car though...not messing about with that with my track record this week!!!

Oh before I forget TRACY , has a Christmas cracker swap ...have a look.. More fun

See you all again soon. Xxxx


  1. What a wonderful adventure you two had...

    1. Thank you and glad to report no more mice (or lizards!!) xx

  2. very kind re the mouse :). Sounds like a lovely day pottering with your daughter - a sweet find in the op shop too. I need to get back to stitching too - a big one started months ago - I usually do a lot over summer and 6-7 weeks off school. 7 weeks to go till that :)

    1. Feel like I need a break after half term, here in uk!!! Hopefully a quieter week.xx

  3. Well I am glad that you have managed to evict Mr - or Mrs! - mouse successfully! Too cute and funny about the little china box your daughter bought. So good that she chose it and paid and so on on her own! That is great isn't it!!! Enjoy your Christmas magazine! xx

    1. She has a certain eye, that's for sure, how funny to spot it that day!! Half term so busy hoping to have a few hours to put my feet up and read...xx

  4. glad the other traps have stayed empty xx

  5. Sitting on hands here, lest I go looking on Ebay for those fab Christmas Ornament magazines! I have enough projects on the go right now as it is.

    I hope the wee mouse likes his/her new home, and what a lovely little plate for your daughter. Well done her going in to buy it too.

    Looking forward to meeting up soon.

    1. Hoping I can read them this week!!!! Worn out after a busy half term. Looking forward to our meet up....hope Newcastle E is reddy for us!'!! Xx