Saturday, 17 October 2015

Aberporth in Autumn

Happy me is back...hope the last post didn't depress anyone .  I have always been a half full glass of girl , so out of character for me to have a glitch and be down.

Little Miss had Friday off, one of the inset days at school.  After getting rid of a pesky headache that sprung out of no where , we all decided to take Dextie out .  Little Man goes to school nearby so we decided to go to Aberporth beach and afterwards collect Little Man from school.

It was crisp but none of us had coats on, just warm tops .  We have driven through Aberporth lots of times but never been on the beach.  First as we hadn't had lunch Little Miss asked for a bag of chips, well we had 2 bags that we shared , so they warmed us up nicely. The fresh air blew the last bit of the headache away and it was nice for both of us to spoil , tease and have fun with little miss.  She loves and adores "baby brother" but as we do we like to have time to just have special times with each of them .  Last week DH has little man to himself and me little miss...and today she had both of us!!! She is nearly as tall as me now and I'm 5'9 and not 12 until December.  Her feet are bigger than mine , already a size 7 , and I laugh and show mock disapproval when she "steals" my scarfs and necklaces.  She is such a girly girl and DH says when he hears me moan "not again" ( laughing of course) when she wears something of mine , he just thinks what the "best" doctors told us to expect for her, their prognosis wasn't worth the paper it was written on.  She is everything they told us she would never ever be.  She talks, she walks ,  she can understand, write, read... She is her own person and well words cannot describe how wonderful that is.

I have to say this beach at Aberporth was rather lovely.  A lot of beaches around here are stoney but this one was very sandy.  The cafe is open every day except Monday's and Tuesday's (out of season)
 so I think we will be coming here a lot more in the future, especially if on cold days you can grab a
coffee and admire this, whilst pupster does what pupster loves to do which is run and run and run!

The view from the waters edge 

A coastal path.

We didn't do it this time but this path is apparently 
a lovely walk 
and is safe and fenced off
I think we will explore more next time

Pupster in action!!!

A buoy , and we found it like this
Though it did look like 
Dexter had had a chew!!!

I can only imagine what that house is worth on the cliff 
(Top left of the picture) 
Wow what views that must have...

We were there about a hour and pretty much 
had the beach to ourselves. 

These are the views from the car park 

Afterwards we collected Little Man 
from school for a change 
his school is 19 miles from home so he is taken daily by
taxi so a nice surprise for him. 
Oh he smiled when he saw me waiting for him
I got a huge kiss and hug xxx
"Oh sweetheart you've come to get me"
was his greeting 
.........simple pleasures....

It was a nice treat for me too, 
nice to see his teachers and see some 
other parents , 
something you do miss when you
don't do a school run any more .

Of course as kids do Little Miss teased 
Little Man that we had chips whilst he had been 
at school !!!
So of course he wasn't happy about that
so to restore peace to our
household we had homemade chips and battered cod 
for tea. 
chips twice in one day is 
very naughty
and not something I think we 
have done before ??
Never mind we all had a lovely time.

See you soon


  1. I do so enjoy reading your blog. Aberporth looks lovely.

    1. Thank you honey. Lovely little village, been to another beach yesterday will post that soon.xx

  2. we have to let our children be themselves and be happy for every milestone they achieve xx

  3. Its great having the beach all to yourself, our last trip to the beach we were the only ones there, chips twice a day thats 2 of your 5 a day isnt it :-)

  4. We've not been to Aberporth, but what a lovely spot, and you had it all to yourselves too. We have to make the most of this weather whilst it lasts - grey and overcast here this morning but actually quite mild still.

    I am glad your daughter enjoyed it and the headache fled with some sea air.

    1. Thank you, chilly but bright here , but lanes getting rather full with leaves, dreading how slippery they will be when wet and we are out driving. Xx

  5. Looks like you had a fabulous time. It's great to spend time as a family. But it's also good to have one to one time. I know that works well at ours too Xxxx

  6. It sounds like you all had a great time. You're both taller than me I'm only 5ft 1"!! Your daughter sounds like a delightful young lady x

    1. Thanks Jo, this time next year I imagine she will be patting me on the head!!! She is a delight though and at least she can't borrow my shoes or boots any more!!!

  7. You've got such a lovely relationship with your children and how wonderful that your daughter has proven the doctors wrong. Your day out sounds brilliant, Dexter looks to be enjoying himself. Archie loves the beach, it's a shame we don't live closer as he doesn't get to go very often.

  8. Thank you Jo. Both of my kids have been through so much, things babies and kiddies shouldn't have to go through . The doctors were always so negative but we try always to help them have the best and happiest life they can. The doctors were so wrong, I wonder how
    many other parents believe the doctors and give up? My happiness is their happiness, we are blessed .xxx

  9. Beaches and time like that make you realise, if you needed to, how precious life is and how lucky we are for the bits that come our way.

  10. Beaches and time like that make you realise, if you needed to, how precious life is and how lucky we are for the bits that come our way.

  11. Absolutely , nothing like a great beach and counting one's advantages in life ..thanks Mike