Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Seasons swap 2015......I was very spoilt!

This swap was organised by Kimberley over at Creative Chaos nz.  Once paired with your partner you get in touch and tell them what is your favourite season and they then put a swap together with items that fit into that season.

I was paired with Ellie from ...I asked her to choose as I love all the seasons for different reasons and well, Ellie absolutely spoilt me.  This was a wonderful swap..
Thank you again Ellie xx

This is what Ellie sent me

on the lovely things Ellie made she explained 
what all the stones thoughtful

Ellie  made the wool heart, the jewellery, the scissor fobs.

I got something from not just one season 
but every season
How generous was that!

I absolutely loved everything 
Ellie and I sent similar things
To each other
Over our e mails we noticed we had lots
And lots in common.

However I did have a big hiccup!!!

That week I had posted a couple of other swaps and some presents . my dining table was covered in
rolls of wrapping paper , tissue paper, bubble wrap and I, in My usual chaos  "lost" part of Ellie's swap under a pile of bubble wrap and because I was rushing to post it off I didn,t check everything was in the box.  Then on the mutual afternoon Ellie and I decided to open our swaps I sat down moved a space to open the box and found the smaller parcel I hadn't packed.  Oh the shame!!! Anyway I apologised to Ellie who was so gracious ...and part 2 was posted off . She has received both parts now thank goodness.

Here is what I sent. ( as you know I am having great trouble find "missing" photos , so the second parcel photos I just can't find , so to see all the bits I sent you might want to pop over to Ellie's blog.)

Ellie choose Spring into Summer as her favourite season..

I sent some tulip bulbs, a flower heart, flower pegs
some felting wool, black for soil (Ellie adores gardening)
and more wool in various colours
(She likes felting too)

summer bunting

A large pincushion made by me in her favourite colours
I added a few sewing charms
And her initial 

I made a garden theme scissor fob

The other parcel contained sewing bits and bobs
Including some hexagon EPP 
And some spares for Ellie to have a try with.

Ellie told me she loved what I sent 
which of course made me happy too.

I so enjoyed this swap.  Thank you Kimberley for arranging it . Xxxx.  Ellie too, you were a fabulous swap

See you soon.xx



  1. How lovely, what thoughtful gifts you both sent xx

    1. I know Ellie and I both enjoyed this swap..happy swappers! Xx

  2. Dear Maria
    I certainly did love everything you sent - I was so lucky to be partnered up with you! It was a lovely swap to be part of and Kimberley said she will run it again next year.
    I am with you on the photo problem - I have just had a bit of an issue with cameras too. Spooky coincidence again!
    Have a lovely rest of the week
    Best wishes

    1. Oh dear!!! I still can,t find those photos..ha ha....hope you are
      Well and having a lovely week.xx

  3. thanks for taking part in the swap - you both sent each other fabulous things. Now to let me lose in a UK shop.... last time it was 20kg of books that came home; next time it will be wool and other bits and bobs I think!

    1. You are to books what I am to fabric....oh dear it could be worse and a fondness for diamonds !!!xx

  4. More really great swappyness!!! So glad you are having fun with this! xx

    1. It is nice to share a little happiness isn't it? Xx

  5. Your blog has turn into a little swap-land!!! :)
    Love the goodies sent & received. How lucky of you to have a gift for all seasons ;)

    1. I know, Ellie really put together a beautiful swap for me.xx

  6. Another lovely swap, Its a great idea you sent Ellie some Tulip bulbs for her to enjoy for years to come :-)

    1. That's what I thought...bulbs or seeds can add a extra little touch can't they?xx