Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Swaps and more swaps!!!! Halloween mail art exchange 2015

I was warned "swapping" can be addictive and by jolly it is.

This year so far I have taken part in 5 (some double swaps) , I have 3 more to do and they are so much fun and the bonus you get to meet lovely , kind people too.

I have been partnered in the Twelve days of Christmas swap (picture on my sidebar) hosted by Jo, click on the picture and it should take you to her blog which is a lovely read...and am just waiting to hear from my partner now.

I am finishing off my swaps for the Paper and String still have time to join in , details on the Paper and String blog.

I have started a few things for my Christmas Santa 2015 swap and now I'm feeling festive making things for the craft fairs at Christmas time too..  I say fairs , this year I plan only to do 2 . Last year I did 4 in the space of  12 days and well it was too much what with all the things that happen in December anyway.  So this year I am just going to enjoy the 2 planned.

The Halloween swap was a secret one.  I was lucky to receive my swap from Lynda Ruth from

Such beautiful stitching
I was so delighted to receive this

Thank you Lynda Ruth

and these were the goodies 
Inside the envelope 
Including a photo of the lady herself.

I sent this to Mary from

I so enjoyed making this for Mary

I stitched a little "present" pocket


charms and purple ribbon 

I put together a skeleton scissor fob

Some more ribbons and 

Mary loved what I sent which has made me very happy.

Ingrid arranged this swap 
and it was lots of fun too!
Thank you Ingrid

I have another post to do for the Seasons Swap

I have had lots of problems yet again
with blogging and accessing
my photo's
somehow loads got stored in 
2013 albums!!!
maybe a little bit of 
Hocus Pocus 
going on ?????

See you soon


  1. Lovely beautiful pieces!! I love your goodies for Mary :)
    Thank you for kindly taking part in this Halloween Mail Art exchange.

  2. Swaps are fun, I took part in one at easter, I have opted out of any this christmas work load is too much. :-)

    1. I understand what you mean but I do enjoy the swaps too. Some haven't been too much making..others no making at all. X

  3. What fab swap gifts you have sent and received. I'll be organising my yearly cracker swap soon if you fancy joining in X

    1. Thank you Tracy. I would love to join your swap too..xx

  4. what a fab swap. We'd struggle finding Halloween items here unless at Spotlight. No one goes trick or treating around here which makes it easy.

    1. The USA obviously is really big on Halloween, it is getting more popular here though. No tricking here either we are the only ones in the village with kids.xx

  5. What great swap presents x Hope you are able to sort your "Blogger" problems xx After over a week "in the wilderness" I know how important it is that everything works as it should xx

    1. I have been spitting feathers....fingers crossed.xx

  6. You are certainly getting swappy!! As long as you are enjoying it that is all that matters, and it certainly looks as though you are having great fun with it! xx

    1. I do enjoy swaps and meeting such nice people in the process..xx