Saturday, 17 October 2015

Autumn in so many ways

I woke up early, too early (again) I love my sleep, but for some reason, I woke at 4 ish and thought and thought and before I knew it the alarm went off and I pulled open the curtains and it seemed such a lovely day.

First thing our mornings are busy , but now I take time to appreciate this rush, my children will not be children forever....soon as nursery was, this time will be over, lots of deep breaths and patience is all that is needed....I can do that!

  I put little man in his taxi and learnt one of the little one's dad died suddenly yesterday. (Sunday) Instantly my heart was heavy because I knew my friend had "lost" her husband.  Like us she has two autistic kids, the dad was only 50 and well I felt so deeply saddened . Last month we shared a lovely afternoon at their house .  A small group of parents  and kids   (most of the kids have ASD ) the kids were due to start the new unit with her son and my Little Miss in September and now this ...........  I rang . My friend's sister in law answered , said my friend could not talk, ....oh the rawness and I just said "I'm sorry, if, when , you need anything , we will be here" but words seem like leaves blowing in the wind at times like this ..don't they!    So hard to find the right words .....I had a list of things to do this week , but when things like this  happen so suddenly and unexpectedly , well lists seem rather less important ..  my heart and head just felt numb.........DH told me to go for a walk ........I needed some fresh air .... I did....
I wandered down the lane and saw this beautiful horse across a field


seemed so still

Our lane full of fallen

I don't see a single vehicle
the quietness 
was so ...peaceful

The cows and calves have returned to
the field 
next to us
many more calves have been born 
In recent months 
A reminder that life just goes on.

That thought cleared the fog from
my mind a bit

Life going on as usual
but different

All week I have just wanted 
to be at  home favourite place ...

During the week 
Little Miss told me they have been going 
On lovely country walks  in school and have a nature project 
table now at school...

So wanting a distraction and with her 
project in mind 
I looked on the net a bit 
and decided to do a bit of making.

As you know I have a bit of a stash of fabric , so in peace and quiet I sat in the annex, and picked out some fabric and felt.

I thought a lot  in between , maybe too much.....

And in between doing the this and that Of every day life, I  have.made lots of these and still have more to make .

This a biggy!!

  I have never made pumpkins before and they have been so relaxing to hand sew ( I adore my sewing machine  but I find hand sewing so  enjoyable.).  ....   .not too  much concentrating on , letting me use up lots of fabric that I love  and big smiles from the children when I show them my efforts after school. .  I have played with the embroidery stitches on "Dolly" (my sewing machine) ..

.I have walked the lanes ,  walked through crunchy leaves in my wellies, bumped into "neighbours" .  I have seen farmers getting the ewes ready for tupping (mating) and thought of the new lambs that will be everywhere is this county I now call "home" come the spring.  The weather has turned rather chilly... Woolly wellie socks , hats, scarves and gloves have now had a freshen up wash.  I am ready for the cold weather when it rolls in.

This weekend I hope Little Miss will join me in making some more pumpkins... Her little fingers haven't got great grip...  so we will take our time ..... no matter what we will have fun ...she has such a  sense of fun , just what I need after a week like this.   I look back when I was a teenager and how my mother 's eyes would roll at my antics and wickedness!!! I am sure my sweetheart is my payback, she looks at me and at times it is like looking at my mother I swear!!!! I asked little man would he like to make some pumpkins and his reply made me laugh " I'm not at thanks!!'"

Autumn have arrived here in more ways than one for sure...

See you soon, hopefully only happy, creative or fun things to post next time.

. Xxx


  1. I'm so sorry to read that sad news. Life is not fair. Take it easy and I'll be thinking of you.
    I do love the pumpkins and their leaves especially.

  2. heres hoping the coming week will bring some sunshine ... in all ways and not just the weather xx

  3. You are so right...many times the words feel useless when someone has a loss. In the end, it is not what we say but that we did say something.

  4. we have had a family loss this week, my daughters father in law passed away suddenly, she is now worried in case I go next, I cant promise not to only try to be around as long as nature intends me to was my reply :-)

    1. Too true, I've heard of 3 deaths in as many weeks, near us , just sad.

  5. What sad news. I firmly believe that walking helps more than anything else when we have worries and problems, or are sad. When you walk you can think, and you can resolve matters.

    I loved your dinkey pumpkins. Really sweet.

    1. Walking definitely works for me, . The pumpkins are multiplying, very addictive, not all for us though.xx

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your friend, so very sad. I am sure that your words would have been a comfort, even if they didn't seem so, or if it wasn't totally realised at the time. On a brighter note, I love your pumpkins! Very cute indeed. xx

    1. Thank you Amy, I just never know what to say in this situation . Having fun making the pumpkins , little miss too.xx