Friday, 2 October 2015

Now it really is Autumn.

When DH puts this is official it is more than chilly and Autumn is here. He feels the cold weeks after everyone else, so when this goes's chilly ....even cold!

The candles are gifts during the year..I so love them
they never get burned there, only high up 
where the children cannot trip and come into contact 
with them.
Little Man's cards are on display at the moment
So no burning candles for now.

And for me when these get pulled out of the cupboard...I can confirm Autumn is here indeed.
These are my posh wellies...the ones I wear when I go out to the beach or park when it is wet .  My
normal  wellies are muddy and boring, not to be seen out and about in everyday life because they are a disgrace and I wouldn't want to go into a cafe or shop with filthy boots.  DH says I'm a snob...being born near the Old Kent Road...I assure you I am not (maybe if mum had gone to the trouble of having me in Knightsbridge or Mayfair I might be !!!!)  no , I just like cleanish (and pretty, I love the pattern) wellies.  I have apart from my crafting few vices but nice wellies is one of them!

Bright beautiful weather for over a week has been delightful and everyone out and about is smiling and looking happy..amazing what a bit of sun can do.

My Halloween swap partner has posted her post so I will be posting mine over the weekend.  I haven't opened it but now I will.  The lady I swapped with hasn't posted yet ..I do hope she liked what I sent.

I have been cutting fabric strips of Christmas fabric this can something so simple
make someone so happy?  But it does ..the saying "simple pleasures" maybe I'm just that sort of girl.....

So What else has been happening in my week?? darling boy turning 10 was lovely, but oh time has flown. ...Dexter's ears are getting better every day..I cannot believe it but he sits now while I do my nurse duties and afterwards I give his ears a little massage and he groans so softly lays his head in my lap looking at me as if to say "thanks mum" .  Thank goodness no more  climbing under the kitchen table ...Big softy daddy bought him a new ball because he has been a good boy he is...

The piggies are going "night night" this weekend ..there was a slight glisten to the grass this morning so not risking them getting damaged.

My beans are nearly gone so another job to compost them over the next week. My pots too, need protecting and I have a maple to wrap in bubble wrap and also to wrap the wormery too so the worms don't freeze.   I don,t mind lots of little jobs though, I can potter which is what I do best !!!

The Christmas sewing is going well ...I even made some decorations for Little Miss' new unit as they probably won't have many decorations doubt I will donate a few more as I make them...

Well I think that's all for now.  Have  a great weekend , hopefully full of sunshine .

                                                          See you soon


  1. It just turned cold autumn today here in northerly Alberta Canada... this morning it was still warmish and sunny and by late afternoon it was blustery and grey and cold.

    Love your wellies... what a handsome doggie ... love those piggies in your garden.

    Happy day...

    1. Dear Brenda, thank you for your lovely comments. It has been a truly hot day today...we were out on the coast and walking a sort of coastal path ...wished it could last. Xxx

  2. I've been in a tee and shorts today - 16 degrees. it has been a day of sorting out the bedroom floor, exam study and knitting.

    1. I thought you were going to try to have a rest..ha ha....hope the hols are going

  3. we know it's getting cold here when hubby takes the shorts off and gets backing long trousers... he isn't there quite yet, brrrrr. Lovely wellies, nothing wrong with a bit of pretty to make us smile xx

    1. Been a beautiful day here. Pretty wellies always make me smile even in the

  4. Love the wellies.
    Autumn defiantly arrived here today. No sunshine but misty and damp I'd better look out hats, scarves and gloves I think.
    I need to start my Christmas sewing this week.
    Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  5. Thank you. Sun shining here all day, been on a coastal pretty on cardigan island. Hope your weekend is lovely too. Look forward to seeing your Christmas

  6. Why is it that men feel the cold much less than us ladies? Mick's just the same, I have the heating on and he's opening the windows. Happy belated birthday to your son and glad that Dexter's ears are getting better. I love your piggies, I have a pig family on my lawn, I keep adding to them, there's four now and I have another family of three in my border.

    1. Thanks Jo, we weren't meant to understand them just marry them (according to my mum !!!) I just love piggies and met some in a post I hope to get finished later today..the day is running away with me!! Have a great week xx

  7. Love your posh boots, we will put away our garden ornaments this coming week, my little shed is always full over winter

    1. Thank you, I do love them... Husband thinks I'm bonkers but his are boring black ..there you go!!! Xx

  8. I love that you have a candle collection, they look so pretty and I love that you have posh wellies as well as messy wellies! If I had lovely ones with flowers I would keep them for best too! I have some spotty ones that are my best ones. I also have a candle collection! Hee hee! Seems that we bloggers are quite similar doesn't it! xx

  9. My previous pair were spotty those spots. Oh candles ...I just adore them.. I think we are very similar