Sunday, 25 October 2015

What a jolly, happy week.

I have had a lovely week.

I have received lovely e mails and received 3 unexpected gifts from new friends I have made since starting my blog.  Such thoughtfulness , and well DH has asked me what I have been up to as he said I have been smiling , humming away to myself and just seem happier than usual!!!

Diane from
Sent me a pattern for a crotchet hat that even I think I can manage!!!!

Jacquie from

Sent me the most beautiful pin cushion...I love it!!!!! Thank you again Jacquie, the picture , well it doesn't really do justice to is just so lovely and it sits on it's  new home on my sewing table
beside  my arm chair where I'd most of  hand sewing...  Jacquie also added a handmade button (top right) .  Jacquie does such beautiful sewing  , please pop over to have a look at her blog, I'm sure you'll be back!!! Jacquie said she was sending me my gift as a little smile, well Dear Jacquie it was not only a huge smile but a massive grin and a little Irish jig as well !!! ( well my dad was Irish and I did have Irish dancing lessons for a couple of years!!)

And then Stephanie from
Sent me these lovelies

If you haven't had a look at these ladies  blogs before pop over for a look

I then have been receiving lovely  e mails too which have made me feel , I am very lucky to have such lovely
Blogging friends . This time last year whom  I had never " met, " yet here I am a year later with my own little
blog and a lovely list of blogs I follow and new friends....happy times.....

There are a few swaps I have heard about this week, all Christmas ones , so if anyone is looking to spread a little Christmas cheer  and be jolly here is what I have found and been told about

A Christmas card only swap ,hosted by Amy .

A Christmas gift exchange by Kimberley at

And another Christmas sewing or knitting/crotchet themed swap at sewchet

There is still time to join in any of  of the above...

I spent yesterday making gifts for Diane ( who sent me the pattern, blog as above)
.... We have kept in touch lots since being partnered up for the Santa Sack swap.  I can't show you obviously what I've been up to , but the things are coming along nicely and more importantly I have so enjoyed making them for her.

I am looking forward to lots of  lazy days next week in the half term.  We have a couple of outings planned and in between my little girl and I are going to begin on her little list of things she wants to make.   I have been cutting things out for her and getting some patterns together , I can't wait to see her little face..happy days.  I have had a break from Christmas making for a few weeks , I think I
probably only need to make a dozen more things and also get Little Miss to make some more angels
together for the fairs.  I need to get a wiggle on with my Christmas gift making too.  I haven't done
any cross stitching apart from the one I finished off this week (still not made that up yet!') and am
missing it.  I have gotten a little side tracked with other daily events and projects , little lists are now pages long !!! So this afternoon I need to gather all those little lists together and sort myself out!!!

Friday  we went to Little Miss' first review in her new school.  We took little man too as he had a inset day.  Well he went to have a look around and play in the new unit and declared "this is cool mum, I like it here"  quite a endorsement for Little Man of few words!! So fingers crossed  if things  continue the way they are going with Little Miss he will join her there.  Well Little Miss is doing well and has settled really well and doing all that is asked of her.New targets have been set and we left feeling so happy we made the right choice for her.   Afterwards the boys had haircuts in Cardigan and I found a REAL old tatty junk shop I hadn't seen before and I bought two hand stitched tray cloths in perfect condition, a beautiful China cup , sadly missing it,s saucer, a lovely tiny plate and a little glass pot with a bird on it all for the princely sum of £2.75!!! Freshly washed the China and glass are on
the dresser(which is looking a bit full) but I like dressers that are full , I love looking at my dresser and most bits have been handed down or been a bargain and cost very little, and now some things swapped to me are being added too.   I also "found" a little China milk jug too with a mint green and gold pattern on the outside and the most pretty picture of a pansy on the just had to come home with me!! If I could only ever grow 2 flowers again in my life  it would be pansies and forget me nots contest !  What flowers would you choose!

I think these are foreign , the sort of ones you see ladies 
In little med villages sewing, 
but they are hand sewn and just so bright and cheerful.

This little teacup is quite small 
But oh so pretty.

The milk jug 
with pansy picture inside 

I found a big box of old photo's in the annex and need to have a sort.  Some are rather old and I have found one of my sister (who is now 65) when she was a baby in the most beautiful gown, I can only imagine it was taken at her baptism , so I am going to get that a lovely frame and post it to her as a surprise.  I know she is not into blogging so she won't know my little plan.  We have very few photo's of when we were little....mum and dad never owned a camera as far as I can remember, never had a wedding photo of when they married , so the pictures I have well, I think I should share them out, I bet my brothers and sisters have forgotten some of them exist !!

I also received a message on Friday to say a missing swap parcel  has arrived,  yippee  !!! it took a month to arrive at it's new home but it is there now and that is all that matters.  More about that swap next time

Well this week has definitely put a spring in my step , I can't remember having such a super week like this for ages.......

See you soon xxx


  1. Its such a delight getting little packages from strangers, I am so glad you are enjoying the blogging world, I am looking forward to meeting up we will have to set a date for after half term, that little milk jug is identical to a tea set that my nan used to have :-)

  2. Can I order a minion hat too Dawn for age 12ish, I have had such a happy week. How funny re the jug , I love the mint colour , how funny your nan had the same....I am hoping to find more "treasures".

  3. Your letter box has certainly brought you sunshine this week! I am going to take a look at some of the links you have here. Have a wonderful week xx

    1. Thanks Chel , hope you like the other blogs. I definitely had a sunshine week, still smiling .xx

  4. Hiya. Sounds like you've had a lovely week. I'm your Twelve Days of Christmas swap partner, starting to get things moving over half term. :-)

    1. Hi and welcome. I couldn't find a email on your blog so I don't know if you want to e mail me instead? Looking forward to hearing from you ...Maria xxx

  5. I am thrilled that you like my happy gift, and smiling myself knowing it made you smile :)....
    I love the little milk jug, it's adorable and so pretty... Lovely find :)
    Hope your having a smiley Sunday :)

  6. What great gifts - and what lovely friends you have. Aren't blogging stitching friends the greatest?! I so enjoyed reading your blog and catching up. I've been very poor at keeping up with all the blogs I love to follow - it seems like life went into warp speed these past weeks. Hopefully things will slow down a bit and I can get back to greeting my bloggy friends more often. Love and hugs from me to you

    1. Dear Kim, lovely to hear from you, I know what you mean about time flying...same here.xxxxx

  7. So good to hear that all is going so well for your daughter - and that your son liked it too!!! Swaps and bloggers and parcels are all great aren't they! Thank you for the swappy mention! xx

    1. Happy days are very welcome re the mention, hope lots of people join

  8. Hello Maria,

    Love the embroidered cloth and cups you picked up from the shop. It is amazing what a good wash and press does to linen. Enjoy those new gifts.

    Happy days.

    1. I do love linen and have a bit of a collection , mainly from my nan and flea markets...I think us sewers appreciate the time and effort and skill the makers of things like ......xxxx

  9. bloggy friends are awesome. Such a beautiful pincushion. I love china (esp english bone china)and linen too.

  10. ps - thanks for mentioning my Christmas swap too :)

  11. What a fab week you are having, and thanks for sharing the swaps I'm off to have a look now xx

  12. How many gifts !! You're a lucky girl!
    A big hug

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  14. so glad you have had a better week x enjoy half term .. and it is wonderful that the school has worked out so well x

  15. Lovely post, lots of happiness around blog land. There are some treasure trove shops in Cardigan, I love a slow look round them when i get a chance. I was there on Saturday but to busy playing with the littlies to think about the shops. I still have not sorted out some cross stitch, it will happen I am sure.