Monday, 5 October 2015

Cardigan Island.Coastal farm park

If you ever venture to our part of the world ...this is a lovely place to visit, only 2 miles from Cardigan. We visited on Saturday.

We had received tickets from a friend for a free visit for a family.  Her family are all grown up and she thought we might use the ticket.  We kept putting it off all summer because the weather has been rubbish but to finish off Little Man's birthday week with another treat , we decided to make the most of a beautiful day. we left it until 11ish to leave and wow we all had such a lovely time and a lovely late lunch afterwards in the onsite cafe.  The food was freshly prepared and lovely.   We will be back not only because of the beautiful location but the cafe too.  Half way after the farm part there was a large shed too with hot water and sanitation gel ... In the past when we have visited farms where you see random gel dispensers but this was much better.

The farm has the usual farm animals but also a lama, emu , loads of ponies and a huge donkey. If you walk the coastal path you might be lucky as we were to see a white seal pup up on the rocks and it's mother back and forth nursing it.  The walk to the coastline is about one and half miles , a bit slippery and lots of rabbit holes but with "sensible shoes" we walked it fine . We enjoyed, the sunshine, sea breeze and magnificent views. It really was one of the best days out.

On our arrival we were warned at the reception that there are roaming piglets .... We were warned
not to touch them as they would bite and if we feed them to chuck the food on the ground.As
soon as you enter the enclosure piggies come running up to you hoping you have bought the animal feed bags (we of course had ) . They follow you like faithful little puppies...My two squealed with delight at the piggies....  they just could not believe how close they were  and I have never been that close to a pig ever, you had to be careful not to trip over them..oh they were noisey but oh so cute!!

They were so funny to watch ..very entertaining. We definitely witnessed pig hierarchy at it's funniest!!!

Well I'll leave the pictures to tell the rest

and then beautiful views

Little Miss deep in thought.

The kids loved it and didn,t moan once about 
The walk...

Unfortunately although we saw  a seal
and her pup 
They were trying to hide in 
the rock face 
and we didn,t get a decent picture.

A great day out and boy did the children
fall asleep quick that night!

See you soon


  1. I will have to remember that place for when we have visitors, how lucky to have seen a seal pup :-)

    1. The pup was the colour of new snow and we watched mum go back and forth for over half a hour..she wedged her pup in the rock face so it was so safe..nature at it's best. It is a lovely place to go but go when it hasn't been raining and is fine, it is so "open" I have been to many "farms" but it has everything, areas to picnic, loads of seating everywhere, the animals seem so cared for and hubby said the scone and clotted cream was good enough to return...a high recommendation indeed!!! I loved it !!'

  2. What a lovely place for you to visit.

    1. One of those days dear Maureen when aargh life feels so lovely. Loving Maggie's recent snaps..I think she is

  3. I am ashamed to say that with all the time I have spent in Cardigan I have never been there. It is all too true that you do not appreciate what is on your doorstep.

    1. Isn't it always the way, you live somewhere and think I will do that..I was so guilty of that in the south east..I could kick myself now!!! As I said to Dawn , go when it has been dry (well as dry as Wales gets!!!) for a couple of days and the scenery across the sea beautiful and the animals seem so well kept ...I will be back , it was simple but aren't the best things in life? Xxx

  4. Love the photos! You were so lucky to see the seal pup too!

    I'm not quick enough with the camera, I have 2 photos of a Sparrow Hawk I took last week, but they are a little blurred. I think I need lessons in taking fast photos!

    Barbara xx

  5. The mum left it higher on the cliff, I do not know how she did it, when the tide was out she could just reach it..and she did not not leave it for longer than5 or 6 minutes and when she she
    returned the seal was so beautiful..I am rubbish at photography...but I do my best....watching the love of that mum and pup it was so was just so wonderful to witness. My children said ..mummy that was so kind ...she loves him or is he a her..I doubt we will ever know .xx

  6. Replies
    1. It really was beautiful ..oh I love the sea.xx

  7. sounds like a great afternoon and those cliffs are stunning!

    1. It is so scenic...I could of stayed there for hours watching the seal and her pup.xx

  8. Wow - beautiful pictures - it looks like you had a great time :-)

  9. What a great day out!!! It looks like a lot of fun, especially the feeding the piggies bit! xx

  10. Those piggies were just sooooo funny....would of loved to take one home but don't think Dextie would be impressed!! X