Thursday, 1 October 2015

1st October!! Where did September go?

Having little man's birthday on the last day of September you would think I would of realised October was looming, but looking at the perpetual calendar this morning I did have a big shake of the head in disbelief!! Where oh where has this year gone ?

First , thank you for all your good wishes for my little man's birthday.  I told him about them and he gave a huge smile.  He told me his birthday was brilliant and when I asked him this morning where his new dinosaurs were , his reply was "still in bed sleeping, they had a busy day on my birthday" oh I did laugh !!!

Today a joyous day of sewing..yippee.  I was like a kid in a sweetie shop.  I was making for hours.....and this is what I have to show for it.

This has been waiting for probably a year to be made into "something"

The front ..all EPP (English paper piecing)
all sewn and tidied up

This is the back ...I just love random colours 
Patchwork is so lovely to do

This again EPP , with Cath Kidston looks so summery,
I decided to do something with it
But summer seems so long ago
already ,
But I tidied this up too

It needs a good iron and both need a good backing 
material. ..still don,t know what to make..
But just some hand sewing in warm sunshine 
I just love it.

Loads of putting ornaments together, sticky fingers again

More ideas, one I sort of found out by mistake

Oh I have had so much fun......

My book of ideas still looks rather fat,    Lots more ideas to put together ........what a happy bunny
i have been today...I just love hand sewing ..

These are a few Christmas fabric bundles
I picked up at Cotton Patch
All fat 1/8 's  , but so cute...


see you soon


  1. Sweet friend, your quilt is so beautiful! I just love the pretty fabric. Happy October, dear one. Hugs!

  2. Sweetheart you too, xxxx October so soon but beautiful in it,s own special way. Hope you are well and see you have been making.....Maria xx

  3. what a lovely array of colours, looking forward to seeing your christmas makes :-)

    1. Busy sewing away, hope to show some next week, hope the fair went well.xx

  4. Beautiful fabrics in your quilts! So glad your son had a great birthday, even if it did wear his dinosaurs out! xx

    1. Xx I don't know about the dinosaurs, this dinosaur feels rather tired too!!!' Hope you are well honey...xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Ingrid..I am tempted to make the colourful one a bit bigger...but with so many things yet to finish I dare? Xxx