Wednesday, 9 December 2015


this week DH and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary.  The date on which our anniversary falls on is special for 3 reasons.  It was the date we started to see each other, then married on that date and then a few years later he had one of three  life saving operations on this date. So we celebrate this special date for not just one but for three  reasons and I always count my blessings that I met him and
still have him .  This year he also survived yet another life saving operation in March ....... So this
December and Christmas, well it means so much.  We always talk about our wedding day... It snowed so was a white wedding ...... Not only the dress and theme...... We were married in the church where I went with my Dad and siblings every Sunday , also where several of my siblings married too....lots of  memories .  I remember a few months before we married a colleague also married and she told me her wedding day went so quick and she just forget to "take it all in" I remembered that and I can say hand on heart , I enjoyed every second, I did have one of the best days of my life and remember it all.

We always buy something for our home on our anniversary, this year a clock to celebrate and record  the passing of time.  Unbeknown to me DH also bought me a silver miniature sewing kit....he knows how I love my hobbies , especially sewing and thought in time it might be something I might I like to add to and collect other miniature pin cushions.

Hard though it was I managed to stitch this throughout the last year....

It was hard doing it without him seeing it and it took ages. At times I had to hide it, then times ,I did not feel like doing it and times I did it because I had to believe this day would come, when things seemed likely to be turning against us, somehow I just had to believe he was a fighter and would get
better..  Thank goodness he did.
Funny how something so simple ,somehow for me ,helped me to remain positive ..... for a little bit of time , took my mind away from the day to day goings on.  Sometimes we all need that sort of distraction I think. DH loved it, he laughed and asked how I had made it without him seeing it...I told him it was part of a cunning plan!!!! we now have to decide where to hang it.

Elsewhere it is certainly beginning to look like Christmas .

My Scandinavia tree 

The kids tree in their playroom 
Decorated by both of them
for the first time this year, usually it is just 
Little Miss .

Ho Ho Ho 
has certainly arrived

Swaps have all been done 
the last one for posting tomorrow
two went via Santa express today !!!


just when I thought I was on a roll...
Little Miss came home 
to tell me she has told school I 
can make sleep hats for 
2 kids for the school play,
Ready for Monday if you please!!! 
something like Scrooge's  hat in the film...
and oh her costume 
she needs some sort of mop bedtime hat!

Just when I thought the sewing machine may 
have a day off..
and maybe me too!!
Never mind ..
now to draw up a pattern....

See you soon


  1. congratulations and reaching your silver, a big achievement these days, ours is next year although it only seems like a few years ago :-)

    1. Thank you does go so quick and it seems like yesterday.xx

  2. Congratulations, and may you share many more happy years together xx

  3. Many congratulations on your anniversary! Love the cross-stitch.

  4. Huge Congratulations to you both.
    Best wishes

  5. Happy anniversary! Your cross stitch is such a lovely way to mark the occasion xx

    1. Thank you so much Josie. Now found your blog too, such beautiful makes, will be following for sure.xx

  6. Happy Anniversary. Are the hats ready yet??? Very festive around your house.

    1. Thank you Gracie. Hat pattern drawn but so busy today, schedules Saturday to make them ..ha ha ..need to find my Pom Pom maker too.... So love Christmas.xx

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary and. I love your cross stitch.

    1. Thank you sweetheart xxx your beautiful cross stitch is hanging here , looks so lovely..will take a pic and post.xx

  8. Many congratulations on your anniversary!!!!! I hope that you have many more happy years of marriage and that there are lots of great times to be had and no more surgeries to be needed! Your Christmas decorations all look beautiful! xx

    1. Dear Amy, thank you so much..I do hope no more ops he has had his fair share and more ...xx

  9. Congratulations .. and heres to many more xx

  10. Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary and arriving at this point together despite all the hurdles you have had to overcome. Your husband is truly a fighter, he has such a lot to live for in you and your children. You are a blessed family. XXXXX

  11. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary, your finished cross stitch is extra special because of what you have been through together and the love you have for each other. Wishing you lots more happy years ahead X