Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Getting cosy

Hi everyone, how are you all doing?  I hope you are all way ahead with your Christmas things, (if  you celebrate Christmas of course), and your tinsel remains untangled!!!

Yesterday we all popped out to get things like cranberries, chestnuts and decided to go to Aberaeron instead of the big supermarket...I could not face queues...I am feeling rather chilled and intend to stay that way as much as I can thank you very much!!!! We got everything we wanted including husband's cheeses and locally made oatcakes...he was very happy when he came out of the deli with his little brown paper bag...he had sampled some new cheeses, one of which he bought which was very stinky and now in it's very own box in the fridge!  The turkey and veg DH is collecting today from the farm butchers and then hopefully apart from Little Miss' birthday we can snuggle down, really get cosy and hopefully not have to venture out for days!!!

Today I intend to spend at least a couple of hours having a bit of "me" time .  I seriously have two things to finish off and well I have decided I deserve a break!!! All the bits of making I had had planned are still waiting and we need to empty my stuff out of the dining room  to get the table "back" for Christmas lunch.  The table is always done by me and our sweet girl...she loves it especially when we get the crackers out and always wants balloons.

DH always (well apart from when we worked over Christmas....oh I do not miss that) 
does Christmas lunch and begins Christmas Eve....the house smells lovely and I put my feet up,
and he will need the dining table for when things begin coming out of the oven, so between today and tomorrow I need to finish off any last minute wrapping and relocate craft items back to the craft room.

Little Man has a cold and although 10 , it's flu apparently !!! I told him to put his slippers on , his reply " you do it, I am too ill mum". That was after he had been jumping around playing his Minecraft game like a bag of mad frogs, seriously he is a terrible patient.   
oh I do do hope DH doesn't get it...two sick men in one household , I will be running for the hills to save my sanity!!

I intend (if this rain ever stops) to have a stroll through the village in the next day or two to collect some holly and foliage...this is our second Christmas here and last year I made a little centre piece for the Christmas table and would like to try to do it again.  Our village has holly (in Welsh) as part of its name so it seems rather fitting and apt to have holly somewhere in our home.  Last year I had clusters doted here and there and it did look nice though we had to be careful of the berries because of our Dexter as they are poisonous and he will eat anything!

Here he is our  beautiful boy.

I hung his stocking up

his is of course the spotty one.
Dextie can be so vocal 
and when he saw it , oh it was funny,
he grabbed it and ran off
I grabbed it back
and I wish you could of heard 
the groans, grunts and
and funny noises as
I hung it up out of his reach
(He isn't allowed upstairs )

He is so funny
I just know he knows goodies 
get put in there.

Oh we love our spotty boy
never ever had a boy like him.
This is our 5th Christmas with him , 
at night he sits watching the lights..
I'm sure sitting near the fire going ,
lights twinkling is one of his favourite things.

Yesterday those  that took part in Amy's "love made our home" Christmas card swap linked their posts and I have enjoyed receiving lovely comments from bloggers who took part and doing the same  by visiting their blogs and commenting.  This community of ours is fantastic isn't it, ? if we girls ruled the world we could sort all the woes of the world out I'm sure.  Thank you Amy..this swap has spread a lot of happiness..have a wonderful Christmas and New Year....

Well this little tree displays the handmade decorations I have received and made too this year in swaps and decorations gifted to me.  It brings lots of smiles when I see it and wow what lovely ladies I have meet this year through the blog and swaps...very happy times.

Both mice have new scarves now

Lists what lists?  I only have one little list left..yippee ....and that is to remind me what to take out of the freezer on the 23rd for my lovely husband ...... Hope your lists are getting shorter and somewhere in this busy time you find time for "you".   Take care


  1. The last item on the last list was crossed off and my feet are well and truly up. Mind you Ben insisted on going for a longish walk earlier so I am a bit concerned about rising damp. I hope that if I keep them up I may escape it.

    1. You make me laugh!! You deserve a good rest

  2. My list is still on going, including opening up your lovely looking Cracker swap!! I am soo unorganized, but I seem to be every year!! Hey ho, I think that is just how it works with me!! I love your tree and displays, also the mice and their scarves are really cute! x : )

    1. Thank you....I too have your cracker to open...maybe Christmas Eve now

  3. My feet are well and truly up and enjoying the peace and quiet before the onslaught of visitors, which I love. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. All chilled out here, lists ticked off I am really looking forward to having hubby home for a couple of weeks :-)

    1. Good for you, I know you work every day but hope you have a wonderful Christmas.xx

  5. All ready and waiting patiently for Santa ;)

    1. Me too but two little munchkins here are getting so excited ..have a wonderful timexx

  6. good for you for finding time for yourself... and for putting your feet up.. despite the "invalid" x Stay warm and dry x

  7. It sounds lovely at your house and I hope that you got that "me time" for catching up with your crafts. I have gone off the boil with them, but probably due to sleeping badly.

    I hope the wee parcel I sent you arrives soon. Have a LOVELY Christmas.

    1. Dear BB , I thought I had posted on comments last week on your blog that it arrived, then realised I had put it on comments on my blog...oh dear like you lack of sleep honey. My poor old brain not in hearLittle miss loved it thank youxxyou..sorry for the confusion

  8. Loved the descriptions of your gathering in the special things that will make your Christmas more special. Stinky cheese would probably make my husband happy, too. Oh dear. Sorry to read that sickness is in the house and hope that it soon goes. My grandsons recently had it and now my daughter-in-law is showing signs. Hope that my son can remain vertical. Hope that you are able to find the holly and greens for your centerpiece. A very Merry and blessed Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Thank you so much...holly picked hurt very spikey but so shiny and I love it ..ha too , have a fantastic Christmas xxx

  9. I'm just catching on some blog reading and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day and you are enjoying the lazy days ahead. We haven't ventured out much either but I think I might need some fresh air tomorrow X