Friday, 18 December 2015

Llanerchaeron Christmas Fair... National Trust 2015

A girly day out .

Welcomed by carol singers
and they were really good.

Staff dressed in Victorian dress

Lots of rooms of the main court yard
filled with other stalls 

Two weeks ago Little Miss, my friend and her little girl went to Llanerchaeron a National Trust property .  It was nice to be the other side of a stall table and wander about although it was very cold.

Some stalls were situated in a small tented area and the property had lots of rooms off a large courtyard, these also were filled with stalls.  This was a bit we found tricky as the rooms were quite small and dark and Little Miss didn't like going into them as they obviously got busy as the fair is well publicised .  Some people
were pushing to get in and out of the rooms and it all got a bit much to be honest at times so instead we had a wander in the less crowded areas and just enjoyed looking around in the house.

Of course we had to see Santa

inside the house

The room was a little dark but 
the table was dressed for Christmas dinner.
It was beautiful..

I loved this dresser..

On the top shelf was a box of Kilner jars going back
"Donkeys years" 

Then time for a coffee and a 
little wander

The grounds were so nice 

I think this must of been the old orangery 

Beautiful vegetable gardens

The house has a working farm 
and a lake but it was 
too cold to explore more, 
we will be back on a better day. 
I bet it will be a lovely place
To visit in Spring.

Little Miss decided 
to spend some of 
her saved pocket money on these

Now  one has a red scarf  and I need to 
make the other one too... 
These were actually in the 
National Trust shop.
We bought a few edible gifts
but I forgot to photograph these 
before they 
were wrapped and posted.

The children have now broken up,
I did a bit of  Christmas food shopping today
and the shops were not as busy
as I thought they would be.
One week to go !

I am hoping to get some more of 
the red and white 
quilt stitched 
this weekend......

I found some plain fabric to back
The Christmas panel
hopefully that will be 
ready to show next time.

See you soon.


  1. What a lovely post Maria, and one which brought back happy memories of our visit to Llanachaeron at Christmas one year. Lots of stalls but prices were quite steep if I remember rightly. Do go back in the spring, as it is a lovely estate, inside and out.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Everything seemed a bit prices but then goodness knows how much the pitch is!!

  2. it looks lovely x Hope you are warm and DRY at the moment x

  3. What a wonderful visit! Glad to know you enjoyed it. Happy Christmas! xx

  4. Thank you so much secret santa! I was good and waited until Christmas! Your handmade presents were appreciated :)

    1. Dear Megan I am so pleased you liked your parcel, I had fun putting it together and reading your blog..have a wonderful Christmas and New year..happy sewing..Maria xx