Monday, 14 December 2015

Oh dear!!' I wanted subtle but got bling!

The decorations are done, tweaked here and there and now everyone is happy.  Well now I stand back  and just potter my favourite thing... Nothing makes me happier than to potter.
We did consider getting a real tree this year, but memories of a certain spotty pupster made us rethink!!
Well dextie thinks every live tree is worth a tiddle against so old faithful artificial trees  again have been put up.  No doggie tiddles  inside thank you very much...puppy days are a pleasant distant memory , i do not want the repetition of when he was a pup and tiddles up again the Christmas tree again and again !!!
DH asked why we never have twinkling much to my regret ..oh my why oh why did I say go on buy what you want ?!?!  And so after DH Christmas shopping at Carmarthen , we went to Tesco.  Out of the blue I spotted a new lovely blogging friend who I met a few weeks ago dear Bovey Belle
we  had a huge hug , so lovely to see her, well her hubby and mine must of thought hey what's going on until we explained..lots of smiles and our men smiled when we explained, I am sure neither of us are up to embracing strange women in supermarkets !!!!! What were the odds of us bumping into each other? I don't know but it made me smile.
After a quick chat...
well  I let husband then choose new lights.....he asked what I thought and I said White or clear would be lovely.  I didn't take much notice what he chose. Well we came home and he was all smiles, said he just had to do the lights straight away!, anyway  he put the new lights on and I know he is a northerner but our lights would not have put Blackpool illuminations to shame. Green, blue, red and yellow, they have some sort of random sequence where they blink every now and then and then suddenly seem to explode a little time later into blast of colour like a soundless firework display...oh dear not my cup of tea,!!! but DH said they are the best lights ever!!!!! Oh dear!  Even now 6 days
later they still startle me ....  I will be happily sitting in my armchair, needle or hook of some variety
in hand and all of a sudden they are off again, a few dropped stitches have occurred as a result!!! And the worst bit..... The kids love them...they say they are the best lights they have ever outnumbered 3 to 1 I may just have to get used to them ......

Told you!!

What a week...  A lovely week.  Hats to be made still for the Christmas show...Pom Pom maker to find in the annex......need to find it to make bobbles for the hats..according to my internet "research" oh I hope they fit.   I have a few new projects to do with both children, one even little man I think will like, clay and cutters , so hard to find things Little Man may join in with... He might this time .   Next week is busy school wise , plays and concerts, parties and above all fun.  We are watching Christmas films and Christmas music in the background seems the
norm now at Breakfast and tea and when I fancy it in between . I find a Christmas jingle is keeping
me going on these dark school morning, when everyone is tired and so longing for the time off before
Christmas it seems everyone can still manage a smile and of course everyone who loves Christmas has a favourite song of course.

After all the Christmas making for gifts and the fair I have been so desperate to finish something
.....  anything that is just for us!!! Some new addition to our home, something ...anything!!!! Do you feel like that? Some non Christmas theme knitting is on hold..... The stitchery ongoing but that will take some time I expect today I took the afternoon off to have a play........

Well that was after we decided to leave the house for some fresh air , because for the first time in days it had stopped raining.   We nipped down to Llangrannog .  The kids had ice cream!!!! I know!! It was perishing cold but that's what they wanted????? Then we had a wander on the beach...

2 surfers were out ..they must of been bonkers'

This stream leads down from all 
our villages
it was so fast flowing
We have had so much rain..I was not
surprised at the amount... 
during the week water has been pouring  off 
fields near the main road ,
some little lanes have been flooded 
and little streams also on others.

The beach 
 was deserted but a few people. 
were in
the pubs and cafe
so we too nipped into 
the Pentre Arms..
they have a huge picture window 
overlooking the beach
and we sat there for a while
I was naughty, well it was after 1 o clock
and had a glass of wine 
and DH was driving so had 
coffee and the kids
crisps and lemonade.

It made such a change 
not to be stuck inside again
stayed at home 
as he had tummy trouble this week
and we didn't want him
to get car sick 
or drink sea water like 
he always does!


I have quite a bit of Christmas fabric once back home again I got
the  die cutter out, iron out (needs must very creased fabric!!!haha) big quilt square die out
and a hour and a bit later this little pile ready...160 in total enough for 40 squares....

lots of scraps too , (but another idea for those), usually these go in the reject bin but oh not this time

DH and Little Miss
made these while I was amusing myself .
Oh homemade baking smells

Coffee, coco , crumpets 
and these,
memories of December Sunday
childhood afternoons 
come flooding back.... 

A few more glimpses of decorations..

I love these deer, they  so remind me of 
my childhood in the 70's  when 
these  were in ours and my friends homes.

The elves on the shelves have arrived too
more about them another time
I just love 
the old style decorations.

Until next time .. 


  1. I have to say it made my day meeting up with you in Tesco Maria! We must do it more often : ) I love the coloured lights, but as for flashing - I think I would find that a bit discombobulating!

    You will be pleased to hear that I have finished the x-stitch part of the Mistletoe hanging (just need to press and assemble it today - need some green ribbon to ruche for the edge though.) I have started on a little house one next, and found some sparkly white Aida to use for it so it will look very Christmassy. Thank you again - I had forgotten quite how much I enjoyed x-stitch.

    Thank you also for your card and the lovely little crackers and what a clever daughter you have to make those tiny angels up. I will treasure them.

    Looking forward to seeing your quilt. I am in flat out mode on the house as there is a viewing in the pipeline which has caught us on the hop. So crafting is only something that happens when I sit down of an evening. All the more precious for that.

    1. We must meet up in the new lovely bumping into you.xx thank you for the package that arrived so pleased your passion for cross stitch has be rekindled.

  2. Your description had hubby and I (reading out aloud) laughing it was perfect, I do understand we always have white static lights, a soft glow in the corner. I once sent my hubby out to buy garden Christmas lights, he came back with a muilty rope light which flashes, at least ours is in the garden.

    1. Dear Marlene , thank you. They still have grown on me ...never mind everyone else loves them and the neighbour's too apparently!!!! We have no street lighting, well we didn't until those lights went on ha ha ha..have a marvellous Christmas .xx

  3. What a fantastic post. Lots going on and being done for the festivities. Love your tree. We have lights that you can change so mostly I have them just twinkling but not full blast flashing and sometimes just on!

    1. Thank you Louise , I have more plans for next week to just have fun, school now finished, oh I can't wait.xx

  4. well.. the lights might be bright and multi coloured... and flashy!!!.. but they are bringing a bit more Christmas joy into the house xx Have fun x

  5. It sounds like a wonderful day and I understand about the tree lights....

    1. Thank you Gracie...the lights still haven't grown on me!!! Ha ha

  6. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time, yes the lights are lovely and bright! We have similar ones in our house. Enjoy the seasonxx

    1. Thank you and wishing you a wonderful Christmas

  7. I have multi coloured lights on the tree this year but they do not flash. I have managed to get gold bulbs next to the lovely little angels, thank you so much for them and the little crackers. My tree is up, festooned with tinsel and lights and dripping with baubles, I have a few hand made things to dampen down the flash harry look. Loving it.

    1. Thank you for your parcel too....Little miss is all smiles that you love the Angels.xx

  8. Gosh, bright for me too, but lots of fun and a very pretty tree! xx

    1. Very bright..need sun glasses believe me ..ha ha..x

  9. What a busy time you've had, I do love an ice cream on a cold winters day too. I've with you on the tree lights and bought some warm white ones this year although they do twinkle as I turned off the disco flashing part!! Hubby likes coloured lights but I've had my way this year and the coloured ones are still in the box I'm just not sure where to put them!!

    1. I thought my disco days were behind me..very much a case of reliving history for me as they seem to be back in my living room.!!!!

  10. I envy you so much that you live near the beach and can go there anytime you want. My friend lives near the beach, too. His mornings starts with a walk at the beach.

    1. The beach was very high on my wish list.....I love it so and feel very lucky to be so close to it

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