Sunday, 20 December 2015

Mud but it's not glorious...

the heavens truely opened yesterday  (but to be honest I don't think they have closed for weeks!)
It poured down for hours, our down pipes were gushing water so fast at times it was spilling
 out of the drain covers.  We had big puddles on the drive though thankfully we are higher than the lane that slopes away from us, so it poured eventually away, but the lane had it's own little stream.

Our garden is waterlogged, has been for weeks, Dexter now does want to go out and when he does nips back in seconds.  This morning after I let him back In , mud everywhere !'thankfully I grabbed him just as he reached the carpet...mud and not remotely glorious.  His paws looked like he was wearing black little boots..... Before I had a chance to clean them the little sausage had also walked all over his bed,aargh as if I haven't got enough washing to do !!! The mop and bucket too seem to
be a permanent feature too in our kitchen at the moment ...we inherited a cream coloured floor , hardly ideal with a pupster and two kids.

On Friday pupster had he yearly jabs and afterwards we nipped down to the river walk at Newcastle Emlyn
He has to go back in 3 weeks for another top up booster.  The vet told us there are 2 new strains of a virus and that's why he needs this one off additional booster jab to protect if your dog hasn't had this additional jab it might be worth checking out with your vet if your dog needs it....this jab  is apparently new and I would hate for any dog to get one of these new nasties as these viruses are life threatening, and there have been a rise in cases.  This weather apparently hasn't helped as the virus
is mainly transmitted by rats and the bacteria is loving this wet yet mild weather!! Better to be safe than sorry.  Our vets sent out a letter last week but I don't know if this is common practice and of
course the countryside are full of vermin.

We have never walked at this park 
before, but the flow of the
river was VERY fast

And very high 

our little chap was a good boy
and kept away from the bank.

This is the castle in the distance 

We have not yet been here two years yet but we didn't have rain like this last year.  A few weeks ago a farmer from up nearer the main road said she was having huge problems with the sheep going lame .She was having to move them to higher ground, something she didn't really usually do (just in case worse weather like snow arrives) or want to but had no option. More work for her ,  the
sheep now need more care and probably additional feeding , and  making sure the lame ones don't get worse and of course the dreaded
vet bills too to treat them . she really wasn't moaning just stating facts .
 More and more rain forecast in the coming days is much worse Carmarthen way reading my friends blogs who also live in West Wales....  Today at least it bright  and so far no more rain.

With weather like this I do so think of the emergency services , district nurses, carers, elderly.  I am pleased we have little travelling left to do and am home for Christmas . A neighbour has Macmillan nurses coming in daily and when I dropped a paper in for her this morning she told me how far the night cover nurse had had to come .... I find it amazing and admire those that do so much for others.

Little Miss is 12 this week (she was supposed to be a January baby but complications meant she had to come early, I always say she didn't want to miss out on Christmas!!!)
and we have planned to take her out for lunch (she so loves eating out) that is one thing I hope we don't have to cancel as she is so excited.

Yesterday I didn't do one thing I planned.  I felt all day I was taking 1 step forward and 3 back.
I would start something and someone was calling  me to do or find something!!!!'   I complained to Amazon on Thursday about the two missing presents , they told me to let them know on Friday if they still hadn't arrived (two weeks after they were ordered and apparently despatched) well I did and
both orders were replaced and resent and arrived yesterday, so I have those to wrap.  I was really impressed with Amazon..never had anything go missing before   and couldn't fault their customer
service...makes a nice change.

On Thursday we saw this beautiful
display in a shop window in 

Thought I would share it with you

Hoping this finds 
you all well, 
& safe .


  1. the weather has certainly made things challenging, today has been better but we have rain weather warnings for the next couple of days, I too love Amazon the customer service is excellent never doubting and never too much trouble, its my preferred place to shop, if I cant get it from the Uk site I ave bought from the USA site and the EU one brilliant a lot of companies could learn a lot from them :-)

    1. Very heavy rain again here. Amazon are fab and like you used a lot because of where we are. Hope you are well..xx

  2. I am glad that you got your parcels sorted out, they are pretty good at getting replacements out and in the past I remember we had some faulty DVD's and they just sent new ones and didn't ask for the old ones back - not that they were any use, but it saved the hassle of returning them and they just trusted what we said. At least you resolved it all before Christmas. I hope that you get out for your daughters birthday, very exciting for her! I totally agree with you about the jabs for your dog, they can get into all sorts out for walks, so it is well worth protecting them isn't it. Happy Christmas! xx

    1. I am more than pleased with the service got and this is the first time had a by problems. I would hate any dog to pick these nasties up , thankfully our vets are great.xx

  3. I have always had good service with Amazon. Glad you have your delivery.

  4. Still soggy here but the river has dropped 4 or 5 feet overnight and our hill is passable now, and if we didn't mind getting the car muddy, the bottom lane too. New photos up on my blog of the Towy valley under water - a regular occurrence.

    I bet you are sick of the mud. Our cats keep traipsing in with muddy paws, but not much I can do to prevent that!

    I'm glad you got your Amazon presents replaced so promptly. Touch wood, I have never had a problem with them either. No wonder they get such a lot of business.

    That reindeer window display is lovely! and nice to see a white Santa. I think they only became red because of Coca Cola adverts? I know there are brown, blue and green coated ones from the past.

    1. Thinking of you, keep safe. The display is so beautiful ...oh if I win the lottery..ha ha.xx

  5. my dogs both had this booster this year x Good that the vets are on top of this x Hope you are staying Safe and Dry xx

    1. Good the pupster's are covered,so wet here...but

  6. Hi, Maria, I am very glad you dropped by and left a comment so I could follow you home. Sorry about the mud I tracked in. Is there anything worse than mud? I have enjoyed looking around here and am going to wander off to snoop more. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you xx ope you'll be back, never a dull moment here!!

  7. Greetings from southern California. Thank you for visiting my blog. I've now signed up to follow yours. Dexter looks adorable; my cat Lilly doesn't like to go outside when it's cold. I think she's become a California cat! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for the new year. It's great to meet you, Pat

    1. Lovely to meet you too Pat. Dextie is a puppy in a grown dog's body, full of fun and cuddles. Don't blame Lilly ,it is pouring here (has been for weeks if not months) I know I would rather be inside too. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.xx

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