Saturday, 14 November 2015

I spoke too soon!!! High winds and chilly

after saying how mild the weather was the other day , we'll all of a sudden it now isn't!! Heating blasting out and now resigned to jumpers and cardigans too. All the servicing is done so I am happy and feel safe when that is done although we do have carbon monoxide monitors you never can be too careful can you!  yesterday, midday the rain eased off a bit for an hour or so , so we got out and swept up two small dustbins full of leaves , drains cleared of them too( 4 times so far this year!  well our lane is tree lined after all...plenty of mulch now bagged up for the "hopefully" new raised beds next year) I moved anything that could blown around, be damaged or cause damage. Hanging  baskets taken down too.  This morning had a quick check and all looks ok.  Been awake since 3ish, the wind was so loud but everyone else slept through it!

Well what have I been up to?
I tried to ring another two electricians , answerphone messages left.  I wouldn't mind I only want 3 new strip lights fitted , 2 in the annex and one in the kitchen, anyone would think I was asking for a whole new rewire of the house!!! I had that done at the last house and it is a "big" job but honestly getting anything done here , well don't get me started.  3 months ago we started to get quotes for a new bathroom (needs grab rails, bigger bath , and just more 'disabled' friendly for the kids especially Little Miss) well one quote was huge, one seemed too cheap and one still hasn't got back to me! Last week another survey...still waiting for that quote and still waiting for another to make an appointment...aargh!!!!
Never mind deep breaths now!!!

Lots of housework and clearing out "old stuff" done , mainly in Little Miss' room.  She has grown out
of so much, not only clothes , but toys and books and the duvet sets that little girls like so well she
doesn't like anymore.  All donated to the school and a lady who lives nearby too has very "girly" feel good about that.  All Little Miss' teddies (and my she has many) have all had a wash and smell and feel lovely, didn't feel it was fair to get rid of those as she does so love them and when she is ready she can decide if or what stays or goes.

Well as promised

These are a few that have been cut out,
now ready to sew, then add
stuffing, ribbons and the odd button 

Christmas trees, just need ribbon trunks added

This one is  for us  ..lots of 
beads on these .
sewing  to add all the beads 
takes a bit of time 
so not making lots of these.

More bits to either machine or  hand  sew

Stuff for the fair 

Little beads added to the above
here and there

I am loving polar bears and seals 
this  winter time (well nearly winter isn't it ?
It feels like it!) 
So I think we will keep these
for us too

These are from a pattern bought on etsy a year ago
Cannot find the designer name now ..sorry..
I just have the paper templates 

Angels all put together by my own Angel. 
We now have bags and bags of these. 
Some for the fair and lots as gifts. 

Bookmarks, two of many!!!!

Pupster seems a bit more comfortable....... Thank you for all your kind wishes. His ear ache is so uncomfortable and painful and he
is still coming up for cuddles and ear rubs.....  I think I have started something here......I don't usually let him on the furniture......I put a throw on it so he can lay on that.....but last night he had his head on my lap, snoring away and so peaceful, I just couldn't be mean, so not much sewing was done but oh he slept , bless him.

I have die cut new labels now and can do the fair stuff  and box it away ready.  I have made some lavender things and although I quite like the smell my hands stink of the stuff after filling satchets and decorations, just can't seem to wash the smell off!!!

Big Shop yesterday ,to get the essentials in , I started last week and now feel  happy that  we have hopefully the emergency stuff (should bad weather arrive)
   The first aid essentials have all been gone through, checked and old stuff taken to the chemist for
disposal, new stuff acquired , again just in case.....nearest chemist is 7 miles away.  So although it has been a busy week or so I do feel that I am making some progress in the right direction!!!!

I hope too to catch up on some blogging.....a bit behind to say the least.  The photograph glitch put
me back a bit but hopefully I will catch up soon...fingers crossed.

I have put a stitchery on my sewing table for when all the fair sewing is finished , shouldn't be too long .  It will be nice to be  sewing some bits for us . I have also been knitting and doing a bit of crotchet too...more of that next time.

This weekend hoping we can have a relaxing one.
Well until next time

See you soon


  1. if the weather is going to continue as it is you are best staying inside and being warm .. and crafty xx

    1. Blowing a gale here, so loud, so wet.....but always something to keep me busy.xx

  2. lots of creative stitching, you have been so busy, love the reindeer in the snow.

    1. Thank you Sheryl, he is rather cute and seems to be a theme at the moment.xx

  3. You have been so busy Maria. I love angels and bookmarks
    A big hug

    1. Thank you Pilar, we seem to be busy and having lots of fun.xx

  4. I take all my things from home into school too - students love it.
    Fab crafting going on there! Summer is certainly here.

    1. We have such high winds here, oh the rain too, hope you are enjoying the sunshine.xx

  5. All such beautiful things, I hope that your sale goes well!! I love the snowglobe especially, that one is so cute - so is the polar bear! The weather sure has taken a turn hasn't it, it has been so windy and blowy and cold here! xx

    1. Thank you Amy, I just love the Bears , will probably make some more when the fairs are over.xx