Sunday, 15 November 2015

Another "visitor" and more making!!!

the wind here has been waking me in the very early hours for the last few days and yesterday I came into the lounge and yes you've guessed it another mouse!!!  Last night a trap placed in there and door closed and this morning trap again sprung.  I am not a happy bunny and think I am just going to nag and nag until DH gives in and we get a cat again.  I think with so many abandoned cats it might be nice to get one already house trained and not a kitten.... But don't know what pupster will do.....oh dear .....decisions ..decisions...I just hate the thought of mice!

Yesterday what a jolly time me and my sweetheart had.  We nipped into the annex grabbed a basket of goodies  and spent hours making ....

Patchwork small cushions

Crochet  wrist warmers finished,
just need to add some pretty buttons 
I think

I am so pleased that I have made this 
Little chap. 
The pattern is by Alan Dart and is available 
on his website.
Little chap comes in 3 sizes.
As you know from my garden ornaments 
I love gnomes.
When I have time I hope to make another 
But I am a very slow knitter 

These we made together.
Little miss put the hanging bead decorations
Together..I think she has quite
"An eye" for nice combinations.

I still have a pile of sewing to do.

Yes I know cross stitch 
(At last!!!)

All Lizzie Kate designs 
and the Santa button is ceramic 
and so cute.

Today after setting the "visitor" free, 
we plan to do some fabric printing
using some fabric ink and 
Christmas stamps.
Something we haven't done before 
and should be fun
and definitely bound to be

See you soon


  1. very strange that the Sept 20 post just appeared in my e-mail and not this above post.... as usual love all your makes. Today I have sewed a skirt, a pair of short pj pants and a pair of long pj pants all for summer for me. Fab to sew all day long! And started some Christmas bunting too. I must get my cross stitch out too - I like the Lizzie Kate patterns you do.

  2. "poor" mouse .. wanted to come in from the cold and wind!! lol x as long as you introduce them slowly animals will mostly get on to-gether .. and if not the cat will find a place the dog cant reach xx

    1. Sympathy with mouse and friends is wearing thing, I thought they were supposed to hibernate!!!!! Need and want a cat ...can't be doing with unwelcome lodgers !!

  3. Growing up in the country, mice are pest, they get every where, a cat would be the best, and they will get on well together, once your dog realises the cat is not his toy.

    1. Such a annoying pest, hope the nagging works (eventually!!)xx

  4. Lots of great things and very pretty too! I hope that you don't have any more visitors and that you can get a cat too! xx

  5. If you do get a cat then squirt baby talcum on the rear of pupster and of the new addition. It helps make them smell the same and cuts down on some of the territorial behaviour, You do have to keep squirting the baby powder on until they get used to one another. You have been busy with the sewing and bits. Looks lovely.



    1. Sounds fun, not sure Dexter will approve though..thank you for the advice.xx

  6. You are very busy! Lovely Elf and beautiful cushions.

    1. I have had the pattern for years, finally I made him, just in time for Christmas.xx

  7. Love your little gnome and the bead have been busy, wish I had some of your energy!! :)

    1. Thank you Debi, it has been lovely to find the time for a change.xx

  8. Why hello there, busy little bee :) My, your hands have been busy creating beautiful little items! I just love the fabric you used!

    It's a joy to pop in for a visit, sweet friend, Enjoy your week. Hugs!

    1. Thank you honey and love your makes too. Hope Saturday and the stall goes really well. Xx

  9. How busy have you been. Looking forward to seeing how the stamps work out xxx

    1. Thank you honey, we still have inky fingers after making a couple more last night!! Xxx

  10. What lovely things you and your daughter have been making. It was LOVELY to meet you yesterday, and many thanks for the little cup cake clips. I can see I will have to try some card making now!

    I hope you will soon be showing what you have made with the goodies you bought yesterday. I, meanwhile, will have to set aside more time for crafting as everything is stacking up!!!

    1. Didn't we have a great time ? Big smiles here.xxxx that's the great thing about hobbies always something else to have a play with. Xxx