Thursday, 5 November 2015

Early fireworks and a bit of Hocus Pocus

This is Llangrannog

One of our very local beaches and villages

These pictures were 
taken a couple of weekends ago
(Obviously would never take pupster to a firework display)

We first visited here on a bright September 
Sunday afternoon back in 2013 
when we "found" our house

We sort of fell in love with this place..

Little Man has named this rock
because he thinks in looks just like
the monster in the movie!

Every year the village puts on a free  firework display.
(Funded by local businesses)

Last year it was absolutely pouring down 
so we didn't go
although there was the odd bit of rain
this year we did.
It was held last Friday , the 30th  October .
The display is free and you must get there early
We parked in the free car park
and slid all over field, 
a free courtesy  bus transports  you to the beach
we got there at 4 and already it was PACKED !!
and I mean packed!

The bonfire had already been constructed

The actual display was amazing
All properly done
All the fireworks were in sand mounds

Loads of volunteers keeping everyone off the beach
and safe
They lite  the bonfire 
and time it so the incoming tide 
extinguishes the flames.

As we have youngsters we left after the display about  7ish
but know lots of people make "a night of it"

Then the next morning we thought we 
would nip back and give pupster a 

Back to normal 

This is all that was left of the bonfire
and this was soon cleared away by
The team of volunteers 
who turn up the next morning to
clear   the rubbish 
and restore the village to 
it's beautifulness again.

I spotted this

On top of the bin furtherest
Away in the picture

Yes , a pair of trousers and trainers!!
With a lovely mosaic in the background

Thankfully no reports of any missing 
Party  goers have been reported thank goodness.
Made me wonder did someone fancy a midnight dip!

I did laugh , thinking of some youngster 
waking up trouser and trainer less
And wondering  "where did I leave them?" 

Hope you have a safe 
firework night

See you soon


  1. I will go and find it next time I am in Cardigan, we usually go to Tresaith, the children love it.

  2. We love Llangranog did you see it on Tv last night bbc2 wales are doing a series on the area they won the award for the best public toilets I think :-)

  3. That sounds such fun and sensibly done too. Not ONE firework locally, but then we are a very small community.

    I've not been to Llangranog or Tresaith. What an admission!

  4. sounds as if you had a great time xx did you have baked potatoes and parkin ... ohh! and treacle toffee? lol

  5. love seeing the pics of all the little villages.

  6. Hi Maria, just found you on Madaboutbags blog, as my swap partner!! Looks like good fun, especially the fire on the danger of it spreading!! Its seems like a lovely place to live!

  7. What a great way to have a bonfire! Hope that the trouser owner made it home safely!! xx